How to get to Pahelgam, Chandenwari, Kashmir.

Goes. You have to go down to Pahelgam and rent a small car again. The rent of this car depends on how many spots you will visit, but on an average it is only Rs. 1600. There are many spots here, among them Aru Valley, Betab Valley, Chandenwari, Lidarwat River, Mini Switzerland famous Baisaran, Sun Temple, Tulian Lake, Mansi Lake are famous. (The fare from Pahelgam to Aru Valley and Chandenwari is Rs.




Gulmarg: –

Gulmarg, famous for its year-round snowfall, is about 52 km from Srinagar. It takes all day to go and come back, that is, from 8 am to 5 pm. A car from Srinagar to Gulmarg will cost Rs 2,000. There are only two-step cars or ropeways. If you go from November to April, you can see the snow as soon as you go up one step, the fare is Rs. 750. And if you go to the rest of the time, if you go to the second stage, you will get ice, the rent of which is 900 rupees more. And snow skating will cost 800 to 1000 rupees. A lot of entertainment can be done on ice by spending rupees, skating, scooter, paragliding etc. Places to visit include Gulmarg Gondola (Rs. 800-3000 per person), Afarwat Peak, Khilanmarg, Baba Reshi’s Shrine, Golf Course, St. Mary’s Church, Elpathar Lake, Biosphere Reserve.

History of Gulmarg: –

Gulmarg is a small hill station in Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir. If you go to this hill station, which is 52 km away from Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir, and at an altitude of 8,625 feet, you will be in doubt whether the place is Gulmarg or some unknown snow-covered city in Switzerland. Looking at its history, it can be seen that Gulmarg was the favorite holiday destination of King Yusuf Shah Chak and Emperor Jahangir. The previous name of this iceberg was ‘Gaurimarg’. The mountain was named after the wife of the Hindu god Shiva. But in the evolution of time that name became Gulmarg at one time.






Located 42 km from Srinagar, on the way to Dras, Kargil, Le Ladakh. Car rental will be Rs. On the way there is a beautiful Indus river. Many beautiful valleys and springs can be seen there. Places to visit in Sonamarg include Jajila Pass, Thajiwas Glacier (from Sonamarg to Thajiwas Glacier car rental Rs. 2500-3500 / -), Gangabal Lake, Gadsar Lake, Visanta Lake, Sastar Lake.

But apart from these, the beauty of Dudhpatri, Kokarnag, Daksum or Synthentop is actually more fascinating. Aharbal Falls is also a unique destination. It seems to me impossible to perceive the form of the Himalayas without going on the road to Charar-e-Sharif in Budgam district. Going further up from there, you can see Dudhganga. Ular Lake is the largest freshwater lake in South Asia to the north. Another small lake in Ganderbal is called Manasbal.

Living in Kashmir: –

Between 1200 and 2000 rupees you will get a very good quality room all over Kashmir. Srinagar, Dallake, High Boat, Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Pahelgam, everywhere. Where a small family can live comfortably and a group of three can live comfortably.


There are many hotels to stay in Srinagar starting from Rs.500 to Rs.5000. The choice is yours. There is no need to book in advance, you can go and see as you wish, you can make a deal. However, an average of 1200 to 2000 rupees for a good room for two.

And instead of a hotel, if you stay in a houseboat floating in the water of Dal Lake, the rent will be 1800-3000 rupees. But it is an exceptional experience.

Car Rental: –

Wherever you want to go from Srinagar to other spots, if you don’t mind the time, you can use local transport. In that case you will be able to come and go to different places very rarely. It is better to rent a car if you take it as a group or with your family. In that case, there is no opportunity to do too much. There are different types of car rates to be set, for the whole day. Choose cars and drivers by looking and understanding. No hotel or broker needed. If you stand next to Dal Lake, you will get hundreds of cars.

You can easily arrange your trip to Kashmir. For example: -You can go directly to Pahelgam from Jammu by car to Patnitop night from Jammu without going directly to Srinagar without reaching Jammu. Because you have to go to Srinagar by road from Jammu to Pahelgam. You can go directly to Pahelgam from Jammu.

You can see the 1st day in Pahelgam – Mini Switzerland famous Baisaran, Kashmir Valley View Point, Pahelgam Viewpoint, Dhabian, Kanimarg, Waterfall.

Day 2 at Pahelgam – Chandenwari, Manshi Lake, Betab Valley, Aru Valley.

The next day go to Srinagar city. Gulmarg from Srinagar city. If you leave Srinagar very early in the morning, you can see Gulmarg and come to Srinagar city. If you want, you can stay at Gulmarg night. But spending the night in Gulmarg is expensive.

Sonmarg the next day.

The next day in the city of Srinagar include Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden, Shankaracharya Hill, Nagin Lake, Nishat Bagh, Botanical Garden, Shalimar Bagh, Chashmeshahi Bagh, Parimahal, Hazrat Bal Dargah.


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