How to get to Siliguri and the costs.

The drivers of jeeps in Siliguri push a lot to get the package, if they don’t take the package, they almost don’t want to go or want more money. In that case going by bus is a very good option. The fare is lower, the bus is more comfortable than the jeep and the view of the surroundings is more enjoyable than the bus. In this case, you have to fill the permission form from Siliguri SNT so that you can get the passport sealed in 10 minutes at Rangpo. Just telling the bus helper gives you enough time in Rangpo, no extra fare. There are two types of public and private buses, non-AC fare is 160 rupees, AC is 250 rupees. The bus doesn’t take much longer than the jeep.






# The hotel fare is usually a bit higher on MG Marg, so you can take the hotel to the fire service instead of MG Marg. MG Marg can be reached in a few minutes on foot.

# Nowhere in the North or East is it too cold now, so if you have a little better shoes and jacket then there is no need to rent shoes or jacket separately. If the shoes are made of cloth, then you can rent long snow boots, but they are just made of plastic. If you don’t wear thick socks, you will feel cold and it will be difficult to walk.






# Many people say that cutting is not beautiful at all! But I think everyone should come back to cut. All we did was cut first, then Yamthang Valley and finally Changu Lake. In this way we gradually went to more or less beautiful places, so we didn’t think it was useless to go there.

# If you want to roll in the snow (if you don’t have to, you’ll have to go later!) Be sure to take a raincoat with you. Ordinary clothes will get wet once they slide on ice, then you have to walk around on wet clothes all day which is very uncomfortable. Raincoat trousers and coats will not be a problem.







# Sunglasses and sunscreen must be kept with me, I started having eye pain in 5 minutes due to the reflection on the ice due to leaving the sunglasses in the car. And black people like me also get sunburn.

# In Yamthang Valley, cars may drop off at the Valley Gate at the beginning of the valley, but walking along the road as much as you can, it will be one of life’s walking experiences. The four of us walked about 7/8 km, where the road was actually closed due to avalanches, had to work to clear the road with Indian Army cranes. We thought it would be a broom, but when we heard that we had left Bangladesh, we did a very good welcome!

# The hotels in North Sikkim’s economy package are like very standard home stays. So don’t expect too much, and don’t bother them by complaining that the lime has fallen from the drink. Rather, if you use a little sincerity, you will see how they become yours in 1 day. Where we were the day before, another group had been using the opposite, they were saying sadly. If you want a very good hotel, tell the tour operator to take a package for more money. There are many good hotels in Lachung, maybe you will get the expected service.

# There is a pure vegetarian restaurant called Rasui on MG Marg in Gangtok, the khichuri is the only one that seems to be very close to my local food.

# Everything is more expensive to Gangtok, so if you really want to shop, you can shop in Siliguri from day one. Big Bazar, Bazar Kolkata, FBB, Shree Leathers, Bidhan Market, Hong Kong Market are good for shopping. If you are in Siliguri, you can try Bhaj Hari Manna at least once. Somewhat expensive but great Bengali cuisine.

It hurts when I see people dropping packets of chips or biscuits in the middle of Frozen Lake, dropping bottles of drinks. Be careful not to throw dirt wherever you go and make your future generation aware now. Start changing from your own family without waiting for others to change.


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