How to go from Dhaka to Kathmandu and what you can enjoy in between.

Dhaka-Kathmandu. For example, the custom is to stay at the airport about three hours in advance because there is some work related to foreign travel. There has been a moderate bustle of packing since last night. The idea that there would not be much traffic jam on the streets of Dhaka after Eid delayed us from leaving. When the clock struck twelve. You have to leave the airport now. Modern Dhaka has opened new doors of travel facilities. Over called. Arriving at the airport, after immigration, we are waiting in the lounge. I think there was a mixed reaction. One, you have visited Nepal, I will observe the natural beauty there with all my heart, there will be great joy, my eyes will be closed, my soul will be happy. Two, this is the fatal accident that happened at Nepal Airport a few days ago. Some people were shocked to hear about the trip to Nepal and said, “Oh, go to Nepal!” Etc. So as the time to get off the plane approached, the tendency to get mentally injured was also increasing. I do not deny that I was not afraid in my mind. But the strength or zeal that was working in my mind till the end is the unknown faith and refuge in Almighty Allah Almighty. I remembered “him” again and again with a humble and focused mind. He is the only protector. As usual, I boarded the plane, crossed the vast sky and landed at Nepal Tribhuvan International Airport, though a little late. The guide and driver were already waiting with the car. Knowing my identity, I got in the car.





First of all, Nagar Kot. It was about 10 o’clock at night when we reached Hotel Paradise, which is located at an altitude of 2350 meters, after crossing three huge hills. Very cold wind. Trying to freeze hands and feet. I had heard of the cold before but did not understand that it would be so severe. Anyway, we had to climb another hill to get to the designated hotel room after having dinner at a high price at the restaurant. I saw that there are many hotels on the top of the hill. From where the raft of white clouds is coming and falling on the trees and hotels on the top of the hill. Next to the hotel, only the upper part of the tall, colorful trees growing from the deep forest can be seen, again densely foggy. The moon above my head seemed to have come down a lot. The mountains, the trees, the flowers, the fruits, the clouds, the fog, the silent silence all around have created a pleasant atmosphere. What a wonderful beauty of God. Late at night, at one point my wife Kamrunnahar and daughter Disha fell asleep. But, I still woke up for a long time and kept looking out the window screen.










The next day, on the morning of 19th June, after breakfast at Pahari Restaurant, I left for Chandragiri. There is a system of climbing up to 2500 meters through Udhanshab Idhat for 1100 Nepali rupees per person. There are tea and coffee, small restaurants, garment wares, toys, beauty products shops, but the price is not a little too high. However, only consumers know what a hair-raising lift it is. Dhansabha dhat When it starts to rise, when it looks down, the inner soul dries up in fear and becomes wood. When you go to Chandragiri, you can’t suppress the strong desire to go up and down. When you go up and down again, it seems like ‘this is the end of life.’ Fear of the tragic consequences of life can be seen in the tears coming out of the eyes of many. But the realization is different.

After a long journey, I set off for Chitwan National Park, another beautiful region of Nepal. Seeing the mountains on both sides, everything changed. It would be unbelievable not to see such a big mountain. The steep hills on one side of the paved road, the deep ravine along the long path very close to the road on the other side, have repeatedly shrunk in fear. I have closed my eyes twice. After crossing the high and low hills and crossing many innumerable winding roads, we reached Chitwan and got up at Hotel Seven Star. The night stay at the hotel with excellent management in the natural environment of Dharun Manomukar will be truly memorable. Moreover, the bright morning was also quite interesting with the chirping of birds.

The next day, on 20th June, at 10 am, we left for Pokhara, crossed a huge mountain road and reached Pokhara in the evening. After resting for a while, I left the hotel. The neatly arranged shops on the side of the road are very nice and clean. Needless to say, being a tourist area, the prices of goods are quite high. Even so, Pukhara is a unique gathering place for thousands of tourists, regardless of race or ethnicity. Thus, after many nights, I went back to the hotel after seeing and hearing everything. The lake next door is also quite. The location is alive.

The next day is June 21. At 4 in the morning, to see Annapurna-1, part of the Himalayas, I climbed to the top of Sarangkut hill with a private car from the hotel. Dense foggy cool environment. Standing on the top of the hill and looking down, it seems that all the pukhara cities and hill areas are covered with a sheet of white clouds. It is worth noting that human species live in the valley. Anyway, almost everyone is looking north. Us too I saw, at the moment of sunrise, in the northern sky, the Himalayan Tdhahamb, the snow-capped peak “Annapurna-1”. This scene is not seen every day. Some days of the week it happens again that no day of the whole week is seen. Nice eye-catching view. At one time it seemed as if a huge rectangular mountain of gold, again it seemed as if it was a realm of strangely beautiful imagination covered with silver. This is the same wonderful creation of Allah Almighty.

In the meantime, we have captured countless pictures of husband, wife and daughter Disha in the whole of Nepal, including the Himalayas, which may be remembered for a long time.






Then come back to the hotel. Driver Ball on the way – You have to get out again after breakfast. Where? Udhanarang idhasasa, udhaba, chansayadhatdha tarara, khadhasaba bahapa. I saw – Udhanrang Ridhashas is a very beautiful deep waterfall. Maybe it will remain in the memory for a long time. After visiting these, I sat by the lake in the afternoon till the sun went down. The thing I like very much is the fearless birds on the shores of the lake. We have been surrounded by innumerable deer, sparrows, storks and pigeons within the reach of human beings. Birds are not afraid of people. Birds may think that tourists do not kill or hunt birds. Liked it very much.

The next day is June 22nd. After saying goodbye to Pokhara, Manomu crossed the strange path and reached Kathmandu in the afternoon. At night I try to visit the special shopping mall of the city.


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