How to go to Gangatia zamindar’s house.

Gangatia Zamindar Bari is located in Gobindpur Union, Hossainpur Upazila, Kishoreganj. Its distance from Kishoreganj Sadar is 12 kilometers. This magnificent house is a marvel of ancient civilization. The architectural style of this house can be seen in the great use of eighteenth century Greek architecture.



It is known from history that a classical scholar from Uttar Pradesh, India came and settled in this country in the sixteenth century. His predecessors belonged to the Radhiya Brahmin tribe. He was the first man of these zamindars. At that time, according to the Gaudiya tradition, he built a Shiva temple for worship on the fallen vita of the house. This Shiva temple is the first temple built in this dynasty. At one time the zamindar family gained wide recognition and prestige in the region for performing Brahmanical meditation-concepts, puja-parvans and rituals.




Dinanath Chakraborty of this dynasty first introduced the zamindari system in the region. He established one-third of the Hussainshahi Pargana at the end of the eighteenth century and established zamindari in the area. Later, Atul Chandra Chakraborty, son of Dinnath Chakraborty, bought two more annas from Gyanada Sundari Chowdhurani, the zamindar of 18 houses, and incorporated them with the Gangatia zamindari. And this is how this zamindar house came to be.




Although the first Shiva temple of this dynasty, built about a kilometer away from the zamindar house, is now dilapidated, it still exists as a witness to the times. After this temple you will see a huge pond called Sagardighi. Next to it is another dilapidated Shiva temple. Family worship is still held there. Then there is a huge gate called Sri Dhar Bhavan.



The main building of Gangatia Zamindarbari is located about 300 yards away from here. From the front of the main gate, about 12 feet wide and lined with coconut trees on both sides, you have to cross the scenic road to the zamindar house. The beauty of this home fascinates anyone. It is really surprising that the architectural style of the house has been built so beautifully so long ago.




The main building is a two-storey building. Here you will find living rooms, guest rooms, court rooms and rooms used for music. There are also kacharighar, nahabatkhana, darbargriha. It is like captivating the eye-catching artwork on the pillars of this zamindar’s house. In front of the zamindar’s house there is a huge courtyard and the house is surrounded by a high wall. This zamindar house of art and aesthetic beauty is a witness to the glorious past history of that time and still scratches the heart of the visitors.





Buses from Kishoreganj are available at Golapbagh bus stand or Mohakhali bus stand from dawn to dusk. The buses from Mohakhali to Kishoreganj are a little smaller. Or you can go by train. The train is the most comfortable journey to Kishoreganj. During the day 3 intercity trains come and go from Dhaka to Kishoreganj.







8 am – Eleven o’clock in the morning
10 am – Kishoreganj Express
7 pm – Twilight of Egarasindu
8:30 am – Egarasindura morning
12:30 pm – Twilight of Egarasindu
3:30 pm – Kishoreganj Express

Train fares:

Shovan – 120 rupees
Elegant chair – 150 rupees
First class chair – 185 rupees
It will take 3 to 4 hours to go by train
The train is quite crowded at the end of the week and at the beginning. However, if you get a decent chair, the crowd will not be too much.

If you want to go by day and come by night, it is not possible by train. Then you have to go by bus in the morning.
(If you want to go by train from Dhaka, you will get a ticket with train seats if you go to the station counter a day before. But it will be difficult to get a ticket from Kishoreganj. If not, you will get on the bus.)

From Battali in Kishoreganj city, you can reach Gangatia in about 25 minutes by renting a battery-powered vehicle for Tk 20. From there you can walk 10 to 12 minutes to reach Gangatia zamindar’s house.

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1. Hotel Tepantar Princess, Jamirdia Master House, Bhaluka.
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3. Hotel Shahina (Residential), Station Road, Kishoreganj

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5. Hotel Gangchil, Station Road, Kishoreganj


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