How to go to Khadimnagar of 37 tigers with blue water saliva

On the night train, 4 friends rent 260 TK and go from Dhaka to Sylhet at 5 am. After renting 20 TK each, I went to the restaurant with five brothers. After eating khichuri at 55 rupees, the bus fare is 40 rupees and you reach Lalakhal by auto at 15 rupees at 9 am.
I rented a trawler for 300 rupees per hour and went out to enjoy the beauty of Lalakhal. (They want a lot of scaffolding. You have to bargain. If you want, you can do it at 200. One of us forgot to say 800 for 2 hours. There was nothing else to do. 10 people can sit in the trawlers.)
You can take a bath in the water of Lalakhal. But get down to the place shown to them. Because there is a lot of quicksand in Lalakhale.
After walking around Lalakhal, I went out a little after 12 o’clock for the purpose of Khadimnagar Forest Office. Shahparan will have to come from Sarighat with a bus fare of Tk 30 per person.






From Shahparan for 200 (4 people) rent 1 hour journey by CNG to Khadimnagar Forest Office. CNG broke down in the middle of the road. CNG could not be fixed even after trying for about half an hour. If you walk along the road, it is still 8 miles. The locals call this path the garden path. It’s getting late. Meanwhile, not a single person’s name smells on the street. A little while ago, some people working in the forest were passing in front. There is no network, I found 2 people thinking where to go and what to do. They showed us the way to the forest and said that if we pass this way, it will be quick. Seeing no other way, I started walking through the forest at the top of the signboard without permission. Darkness is coming down. But in this dense forest, darkness seems to have descended more quickly. The call of all the unfamiliar birds and the sound of walking on the dry leaves made me feel good to walk. I often thought I lost my way in the 16 acre forest? Meanwhile, sometimes something is running inside the forest. I was walking with a tired body without thinking anything. Even though I saw Saku broken in the middle, I felt as if I was getting peace. I think I have just come to the locality. Suddenly I saw a monkey jumping on the bash trees on my head and stopped. They seem to understand that we have stopped. They are also sitting in silence. I sat there for a while and started walking again. 20 minutes later I found the forest office. She is a wonderful moment.
But we still didn’t know what we were going to hear.






It was good to hear the story of the jungle from the locals. There are 63 species of animals and 218 species of trees in this forest. It was good until I heard that four or five months ago, 36 tigers were released in the forest to prevent the theft of trees.
From then on, I was a little scared in the tent at night.

Tents are rented at the Forest Office. Each tent can accommodate 500 to 2 people. 300 in the rainy season.
I ate this for dinner and lunch in Khadimnagar.
120 rupees per lunch / dinner (rice, roasted pulses, mash, chicken)
Even if you don’t want our trekking, you can trek in the forest if you want. Guide 100 per hour.
You can book in advance for the food to stay. (Whose brother 01737853713) is in charge of everything.

I spent the night in the forest very nicely. We were accompanied by 4 friends and monkeys, owls, foxes, and countless insects.


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