How to go to Mizoram Aizawl.

You can also go to Mizoram from Guwahati or you can go to Silchar via Jowai. If you stay in Shillong, there will be more roads. You can take a reserve taxi from Dauki to Jowai or you can take a taxi. Dauki to Silchar is 191 km. You can go. The fare is 300-350 rupees per person. You can go to Tata Sumo from Silchar to Aizawl. 163 km from Silchar to Aizawl. The fare is 450 rupees per person. You can also go to Aizawl by flight from Silchar and Guwahati. In that case you have to stay overnight in Silchar.




The rule for entering Mizoram for foreigners is to have a check post before entering Mizoram. Entering the name in that check post. If you are a foreigner then you have to enter FRO and if you are Indian then you have to enter ILP (Inner Line Permit). If they do, they will enter. But Indian citizens have relatively trouble with ILP. If they want to do IPL, they have to submit one picture. They will give a permission receipt with that picture.

When you reach Aizawl, it would be best if you rent a car to travel all over Mizoram. The cost will also be less. If you rent a car for 5-7 days, you can travel all over the place. That’s right.

Reek Peak is 30 km from Aizawl. Serlui River is 8 km from Reik Peak. Falkaon Ethnic Village is 18 km from Serlui River. Muifang is 52 km from Falcaon Ethnic Village. Go and stay overnight. There is a government guest house for staying overnight in Muifang. The rent is Rs.

On the 2nd day you will see Muifang’s orange orchard. Ventwang Waterfall is the largest waterfall in Mizoram. Next to Ventang Falls you will find Tuirihian Waterfall. After that you can go to Champhai. There are government rest houses.




On the 3rd day, the world’s largest Guinness Book of World Records family will spend time with Zion’s family and travel to Zokhawthar, 26 km from Champhai.

Go to Rihkhadwar village in Myanmar with permission slip from Zokhawthar Boarder. From there to Rhi Dil Lake in Myanmar. Ri Dil Lake is very beautiful.

On the 4th day, Saitul will be on the way back from Champhai. Another lake in Mizoram is Tamdil, 6 km away from Saitul. Saitul has Mizoram Tourism Department cottages. You can stay at Saitul at night.

On the 5th day you can visit Fangui National Park.






Everything to see in Mizoram: –

1) Reiek Peak: –

The rake peak is 30 km from Aizawl. The height of the rake is a little over 5,000 feet. While going to the rake peak, take a look at the main river Tiawng of Mizoram on the road. The road to the rake peak is wrapped in a green carpet.

2) Serlui River: –

Distance from Rake Peak is 6 km.

3) Falkawn Ethnic Village (Falkawn Ethnic Villege): –

The Falcaon Ethnic Village carries the memory of the former men of Mizo. If you go to Falcaon Ethnic Village, the life of the former men of Mizo will float before your eyes.




4) Mufang (Hmuifang): –

Muifang is a popular hill town in Mizoram. You have to go to Aizawl from Reik to Muifang. The distance from Aizawl town to Muifang is 50 km. Muifang is completely surrounded by mountains. Some settlements are far away. Muifang has many orange groves. Muifang people are very good. There is a government rest house to stay in. Excellent environment. The night spent in Muifang will be remembered for a lifetime.

5) Thanzowal: –

Thanjoal Mizo Weaving Industry Center. Brightly colored Mizo garments, sheets and bags are being woven at home.

6) Ventwang Waterfall: –

Ventang is the largest waterfall in Mizoram, 6 km from Thanjoyal.

8) Tuirihian Waterfall: –

Tuirihian Falls is right next to Ventang Falls.

6) Champhai: –

Champhai town is the district headquarters. The valley is surrounded by mountains in Myanmar. The most flat land of Mizoram is in Champhai. Champhai is the source of rice for the whole of Mizoram.

9) Zokhawthar villege: –

Zokhawthar is a village on the border of Mizoram, 26 km from Champhai.

10) Rhi Dil Lake: –

Written permission can be taken from Zokhawthar Boarder to Rihkhawar village of Myanmar. River flows in the middle. Mizoram on one side of the river. Myanmar on the other side. 3 km away from Zokhawthar Boarder. Reel Deal Lake in that village. Impossible Reel Deal Lake.

11) Tamdil Lake: –

6 km from Saitul is Tamdil Lake.

12) Zions Family: –

The Guinness Book of World Records is the largest family in the world. The gentleman has 39 marriages. The gentleman has 69 sons and daughters and 75 grandchildren. The most surprising thing is that everyone lives together under one roof. It is a strange thing to see the Zionist family. Everyone is cooking together. Staying together.

13) Phawngpui National Park: –

Fangui National Park is 261 km away from Muifang.

14) Aizawl: –

Aizawl is the capital of Mizoram. It is a city free of car horns. It would not be a mistake to call Aizawl the City of Flowers. There is a flower garden in front of every house. Aizawl is a strangely beautiful city.


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