How to go to Shahpari Island trip and expenses

This is one of the most adventurous journeys in life. I have been a resident of Cox’s Bazar for almost fifteen years now, but I was a little upset about why I didn’t go to this place. I went alone without finding anyone. Let me tell you at the beginning, if you can stay here for one night, the tour will be full. And that’s what I did. But it is best if there is a friend. Take my word for it after the tour.



I wanted to go there long ago. But did not go. I saw a picture of a friend who went to my friend’s house on Messenger’s My Day four days before Eid. I commented there and asked my friend where the picture is from? He replied with a picture of the area. That’s why we invite all our friends and you don’t come. I said I will come this time if there is an opportunity InshaAllah. By the grace of God, there was no deviation. I went alone without any friends.
Went on the 19th of this month, and returned on the 20th.



On this tour, I found something that is beyond imagination. Went to St. Martin three times with this. I had a lot of fun every time. But I didn’t think this solo tour would give such a feeling. Look at the pictures and tell me how the tour was. If I know photography a an a b. That’s what I did. I will share the magnet of the photo.



This time I will tell you how to go. There are two roads. You can go or come whatever you want.


Road Number One: Come to Cox’s Bazar Sadar Terminal if you leave from Sadar. The rent will be 10 TK. Tomtom and CNG. From there you will leave in a palanquin for Teknaf. The rent will be 150 rupees. And if you want more trouble, you can try “direct” service. I think 120 will be rented and will go to the local system. Then go to Shahpari Island CNG station by rickshaw or tomtom. Rent 20 TK per person, if there are two. If one can take 30 TK alone. Bargain. Then CNG will take you directly to Hariyakhali. The rent is 50 TK which is the rate rent but a little more. From there you can reach Shahpari Island by speed boat or boat. It will cost 60 TK for a speed boat and 20-30 TK for a boat. I can’t say because I didn’t go by boat. From there go to “Marwa” in Tamtam or CNG. You can take 100 TK if you reserve. And if you go alone, you can take 25-30 TK. I went to a friend’s house, of course. There is only one hotel. The rent is relatively low. Archie will bargain. In the same way, you will return to Teknaf from there.



Total rent: 10 + 150 + 20/30 + 50 + 60 + 20/30 = 310/330
Speed ​​boats have been hired. If you go by boat, it can cost less than 35 TK.



Road Number Two: Everything is like Road plan One. Only those who came to Teknaf by bus will now go by CNG. Departs from Teknaf. The rent will be 250 rupees. Don’t miss coming to CNG, brothers, and sisters. Because CNG will come through Teknaf-Cox’s Bazar Marine Drive. What could be better than this when there is the sea of ​​Cox’s Bazar on the left side of the road and on the right side there are high and low hills and green sloping fields and betel orchards.



Total rent:
20/30 + 60 + 50 + 20/30 + 250 = 400/420
Speed ​​boats have been rented. If you go by boat, it can cost less than 35 TK.

How and what I did: Went according to road number one and came according to road number two. I left home at seven in the morning. I go to the terminal at 7.30 am. I got on the “palanquin” bus from the terminal at 6:45. And the bus arrives in Teknaf at about 12 o’clock. From there it took a while to change the car and go to a friend’s house. After a little breakfast, my friend and I went to board their own boat. That’s why you have to cross many paths in the water. But their boatman did not take out the boat as the tide would come down soon. Because when the tide goes down, the boat can no longer be brought ashore. We couldn’t go around in the boat so we had to go back and forth in the water around three o’clock. The night before, a few fishing boats came ashore and crowded there. They had the good fortune to share, sell, and bring some of the fish for themselves. Because a friend’s boat was also there. Masha Allah also got fish. From there, he returned home at around 3 pm, ate, and freshened up and touched the clock at 4 o’clock. Sitting in the backyard of the chair of the house, the sleep of the state filled the eyes of both of them. After spending some time like that, I came out at around 5 o’clock. I went for a walk towards the jetty. There are also some pictures taken at that time. You will get Sehula. The place is quite nice, for hanging out. After Maghrib, we came back to the local market. It seems that people have accumulated the words of the kingdom, the spark of Sesab goes after Maghrib. The most beautiful mosque in the area is nearby. It didn’t become an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the night. From there I returned home after nine o’clock. I ate and slept at night.



The next morning I was supposed to get up and go to catch crabs. I woke up late and it didn’t happen anymore. The regret remained. Anyway, after eating in the morning, I chatted for an hour at a friend’s shop. Then I went out by boat to tour the Naf River. I got the opportunity to fulfill the desire to board the boat on the 1st day. The five of us got along. The boat is not very big. A little shaky. So the fear was a little too much for me. Because even if it is a thousand, it is water. I walked around Naf river for 1 hour. Only I know how thrilling that one hour in the river is. From there, my friend and I took a shower and left at around 2.40 am to return home. We return to road number two. Since there was a friend’s job in Cox’s Bazar, there was an opportunity to come together.

Where’s don’t throw dirt here Dispose of dirt in the dustbin. Stay beautiful, stay well.


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