How to travel from Rajshahi to Jessore.

The journey from Rajshahi to Jessore started via Khulna-bound Sagardari Express. It takes five hours to reach Jessore by train from Rajshahi. I reached Jessore station by train at 8.40 in the morning and at 12.00 in the afternoon. There are some hotels and restaurants next to the station in Jessore. I finished my lunch there. Then the younger brother came to receive. Auto rental in Jessore is much higher than in Rajshahi. I got in the car and drove to Daratana which is the most developed area of ​​Jessore municipality. There are hotels and restaurants all here. There are some good restaurants in Jessore, such as Addakhana, and Chilekota next to Jessore Cantonment College. Both are visually pleasing, arranged aesthetically.



Afternoon walk around Jessore Collectorate building, then hang out in Jessore Municipal Park for a while. The next morning from Daratana to Jessore bus stand, the target is Madhupalli. From the station, you have to catch a bus to Keshabpur which goes to Satkhira. Keshabpur will take 40/35 from Jessore city each. It will take about 1.15 minutes to reach Keshabpur. The autos will go to Sagardari where Madhupalli is located. You can reach Sagardari by easybike / auto in one hour. You will love the road to Sagardari, jute tree after mile on both sides. The whole of Keshabpur is like a jungle-filled sea after Hasanpur. Here is the ancestral home, museum, and library of Michael Madhusudan Dutt. To get here you have to buy a ticket worth fifteen rupees.



As soon as you enter, you will see a beautiful lake. It is not possible to take a bath in the lake now due to the administration’s ban. The men of the Madhusudan family used to bathe in this lake, just to the east of which there is another tank where the girls of the Madhusudan family used to bathe. It is said that Michael used to bathe in the river Kopotaksh. The Pigeon River is next to Michael’s house. After visiting Michael’s house, you have to go to the Madhusudan Museum, just opposite, you don’t have to buy a ticket here. Then we went to a playground on the west side of the museum and next to it a huge stage called “Madhumancha”. There are some food hotels nearby.



Fairly good quality food is available here. After eating, this time the target is Jhapa Baur. If you want to go from Sagardari to Jhapa Baur, you have to hit the bike. There is no direct vehicle, so it is better to go by bike than to break down. Two will take 200 rupees. The road from Sagardari to Jhapa Baur is a very beautiful Jute and jute trees on both sides. You have to ride the bike for about 45 minutes. Then Aslam went to Jhapa Baure. There is a beautiful floating bridge here. You can also go boating here. Damdar has to get upright. Now it’s time to return, hit the bike, and go straight to Keshabappur. Aslam left Keshabpur for Jessore. Jessore liked it. Commodity prices are relatively low here, but 6 Accommodation, food, and car rental are much higher.


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