How to travel to Keokradong Bagalek for 4 nights 3 days and expenses.

Dhaka-Bandarban (bus fare – Rs. 720)
He got down from Bandarban and rented an auto for 10 rupees and went to Ruma bus stand.





day-1 (Bagalek)
The first bus to Ruma leaves at 8 am. It will take about 3 hours to reach Ruma (bus fare – 110 rupees). If you go to the roof of the bus, you will get the best view.
It is better to have a guide in advance, you have to enter the army camp in Ruma Bazaar with a guide. Basically, from now on, Gule will do the rest of the work.

You can take a jeep from Ruma Bazar to Bagalek (jeep fare will be around 2000/2200)
We were less crowded, so we went to Kamalabazar by bike without going directly to Bagalek (500 rupees per bike). 1 km distance from Kamalabazar to Bagalek (1 km walk will be the hardest thing to do. I don’t think it is so hard to get up.





It took us about 2 pm to reach Bagalek, so we stayed in Bagalek that day. (If you want to reach Darjeeling, you have to walk another 2+ hours)
Overnight stay at Bagale (Per Head – Rs. 150)
Bagaleke food (per head – 120 rupees – rice, pulses, potatoes, egg package)
At night we do bbq
If you want to do bbq, you have to buy chicken from Ruma Bazaar because it will not be available after that

day-2 (Keokkradong)
After breakfast we start walking from Bagalek, after about 3 hours (11 km) walk to reach the peak of Keokradong (officially the 2nd highest peak of Bangladesh but unofficially 5th).
Overnight at Keokradong (Rs. 300 per head)
Food – 130 rupees





day-3 (return)
If you leave at 6/7, you will reach Bagale by 9 / 9.30, if you leave Bagale at 10 am, you will reach Ruma Bazar by 11.30

Guide Rent: As per the rules, per day guide fare is Rs.
A restless man and very friendly.




There were 5 of us.
Our per person cost is 4300 rupees.
If there are more people, it is possible to finish in 4000

Note: Wherever you go, throw the garbage in the specified place, where it is not left there, avoid destroying the environment. Happy Traveling


******* Note – Rupees Will Be Taka,********


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