How to visit Birulia zamindar house

Rajinikanth Ghosh lived in the Birulia zamindar’s house. He was the famous zamindar of Birulia. His picturesque house. He used to hold Dashami Mela in the courtyard of his house every Baishakhi and Durga Puja. However, Durga Puja is still performed in the temple next door, though not in the courtyard of the house. However, it is heard that Rajinikanth Ghosh bought the house from zamindar Nalini Mohan Saha for TK 8690




Birulia 6 is a small village along the river Turag Now wherever you look there is water and water. Small boats are floating. Earlier, when there was no Birulia Bridge, one had to go by boat to this Birulia village. There is a very old bot tree here. We could not go because of the water. There will be a rose garden in front of it. But now you will not find roses there. When you go to winter at the end of the rainy season, you will see roses and roses all around. However, the beauty of the Turag river and the Birulia zamindar house can be visited on any Friday if you want at a low cost.




How to get there:


Come to Mirpur 1 from any part of Dhaka. Alif came to Mirpur 1 and left the bus in front of the shrine. Moreover, you can go without Laguna. The rent will be 20 TK. If you go down in front of Birulia Bridge and cross the bridge, you will see a small village on the left side. It takes 10/15 minutes to walk to reach the zamindar’s house.



Please do not pollute the environment wherever you go. We received several packets of Biryani at the zamindar’s house. I am throwing them in a certain place. You will notice the issues a little. And refrain from writing anything on the wall.


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