Idrakpur Fort Munshiganj Travel and expenses.

Idrakpur fort is located in Munshiganj Sadar. The fort is located on the west bank of the canal flowing through the city and on the eastern edge of the village of Deobhog. This water fort was once built at military importance at the confluence of the Ichhamati and Meghna rivers. At that time the name of the construction site of the fort was Idrakpur. The city that later developed in this area was once named Munshiganj. There is still a village called Idrakpur on the outskirts of the city. The area around the fort is now filled with soil and in some places, the soil level has risen to almost the top of the fort type.



The fort was built to prevent the advance of the Mughals and Portuguese pirates on the waterway towards the Mughal capital city of Dhaka. It was probably built by Mir Jumla, the Mughal subahdar of Bengal, around 160 AD.



It is a rectangular fort made of bricks, extending from north to south and its length is 6.8 m, and width is 59.60 m. The fort has two parts. The first part is an open courtyard surrounded by a Marlon-decorated wall with a top arched foyer. At the four corners of the perimeter wall are four round adjacent towers adorned with merlons at the top. The tower has a fork suitable for firing a gun. In the relatively low-lying part of the fort, there is around large drum surrounded by a similar wall. There is a way to reach the drum part from the larger open courtyard. The most notable feature of the fort is around the high altar of 32.5 m diameter in its eastern part. There is a staircase leading up to this altar which is 9.14 meters high.

Another notable feature of the fort is an underground chamber at the foot of the drum and a staircase built for landing in the chamber. According to folklore, this staircase was part of a secret tunnel through which the occupants of the fort could move to a safe haven in case of an emergency. In fact, the staircase led to a secret underground chamber, which was a warehouse for storing weapons and ammunition.
The main gate of Idrakpur fort is on the north side. At the top of the gate is a tall rectangular tower with arched forks at the top and decorated with Marlon. This part was the guard’s room.
The building built later on the top of the drum of the fort is now the residence of the Deputy Commissioner. The fort is now used as a prison. [Muayyam Hussain Khan]

Blue Horn
Baridhara / Shyamoli / Mohammadpur

Sedan 8 seats: 4000 TK
Hayes 10 seats: 6000 TK
X Noah 6 seats: 6000 TK
Noah Hybrid (VIP) 6 Seats: Rs- 6500 TK


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