If you want to go to the arena of Delhi, how to go.

Although the name is Delhi Akhra, the Akhra is not in Delhi at all. It is located at the end of Mithamin upazila of Kishoreganj. It is so named because it was established with the generosity of Emperor Jahangir of Delhi. Surrounded by haors, this place is very ancient. The place is still glowing with a myth about 400 years ago. There are three thousand palm trees around the arena. These trees are also part of the common myth here. Akhra of Delhi is a wonderful place in the beauty of Akhra, Hijal tree, Haor.




This ancient arena is located in a village called Katkhal in Mithamin upazila of Kishoreganj district. Devotee Narayan Goswami established this arena. Tomb of Narayan Goswami and his disciple Gangaram Goswami in the akhra. The arena consists of 362 acres of land.




About 400 years ago, a small boat sent by the emperor of Delhi sank with its cargo. And one died from a snake bite. Hearing this, Ramakrishna Goswami, the guru of the nearby Bithangal akhra, sent his disciple Narayan Goswami here. For seven days in a row, he encountered mysterious powers here and later transformed the innumerable monster idols that lived here into spiritual palm trees. He also rescued the emperor’s sunken boat. Pleased, the emperor donated the place in the name of the arena.




Emperor Jahangir wrote the land in 1212 in a copper pot called Akhdar. But in 1360 the robbers fled with it.
The ancient buildings here, the picturesque environment covered with rows of different shapes will give pleasure to anyone. Inside the akhra are the tombs of spiritual devotee Narayan Goswami and his disciple Gangaram Goswami. There are also Dharamsalas, Natmandirs, Atithisalas, Pakshalas and Vaishnavism residences. There are two ponds on either side of the arena.





Every year that Chaitra fair is held here. People from different parts of the area can be seen gathering around the fair. It is also enjoyed here every new moon and full moon night.

If you want to go to Kishoreganj

Buses from Kishoreganj are available at Golapbagh bus stand or Mohakhali bus stand from dawn to dusk. The buses from Mohakhali to Kishoreganj are a little smaller. Or you can go by train. The train is the most comfortable journey to Kishoreganj. During the day 3 intercity trains come and go from Dhaka to Kishoreganj.

Train_Time_Schedule: –
8 am – Eleven o’clock in the morning
10 am – Kishoreganj Express
7 pm – Twilight of Egarasindu
8:30 am – Egarasindura morning
12:30 pm – Twilight of Egarasindu
3:30 pm – Kishoreganj Express

Shovan – 120 TK
Elegant chair – 150 TK
First class chair – 185 TK
It will take 3 to 4 hours to go by train
The train is quite crowded at the end of the week and at the beginning. However, if you get a decent chair, the crowd will not be too much.



If you want to go by day and come by night, it is not possible by train. Then you have to go by bus in the morning.
(If you want to go by train from Dhaka, you will get a ticket with train seats if you go to the station counter a day before. But it will be difficult to get a ticket from Kishoreganj. If not, you will get on the bus.)




Get off at Kishoreganj and take a rickshaw to Ekrampur, from there take an auto-rickshaw to Marichkhali Bazar. From now on, you can take a boat to Delhi’s arena. Besides, in the dry season, you have to walk to the arena.

There are different quality hotels to stay in Kishoreganj. Here are the names and addresses of some of them:
1. Hotel Tepantar Princess, Jamirdia Master House, Bhaluka.
2. Hotel River View, Station Road, Kishoreganj.
3. Hotel Shahina (Residential), Station Road, Kishoreganj
4. Bangladesh Guest House, Station Road, Kishoreganj
5. Hotel Gangchil, Station Road, Kishoreganj


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