If you want to see such a beautiful sunrise this winter, you can go to Araihazar Meghna near Dhaka.

Perfect for camping at a huge beach of safe sand in places, under a huge bot tree, or in the middle of the river, 4 km of velvet soft green grass + kashaban + great sand beach.





In a few days, you will get date juice, you will eat a lot of mustard seeds by the river, and there is fresh fish from the river for food.






Camping spot: 1. In the vicinity of Bishnandi ferry. 3 under the banyan tree at Tetia Tower. Chaudharchar Khagkanda. There is no problem with security … People in a very helpful area

The road from Dhaka to Lokali is broken 4/5 km on both sides, with private transport actually Route 1 (300 ft., Chhanpara, Purinda, Araihazar, Tetia or Khagkanda via Jangalia from here).






Route 2; Demra / Kachpur, Tarabo, Taj Mahal of Bengal, Baliapara, Prabhakardi, Jangalia, Uchitpura, Khagkanda Ghat or Uchitpura, Dayakanda, Tetia


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