In love with the Tajmahal.

The Taj Mahal. The name of a love. The name of a love story. The Taj Mahal was built in the dawn of love and affection. Excluding the old history, everyone knows more or less. Let the story of the attraction of the Taj Mahal be the only unique installation of this story.






The Taj Mahal is such an establishment that even those who have not seen it love it or fall in love with it and those who have seen it fall in love more or fall in love with the Taj Mahal more deeply. It can be said that it is obligatory. The Taj Mahal, its location, its history, its heritage, its aristocracy, its craftsmanship, its mesmerizing power, all bind everyone with a passion and a different kind of bond.





If you notice a little, you will see that every ordinary person, young and old, middle-aged or old, who loves to travel a little bit. One of their all time travel attractions is the Taj Mahal. If you still want to know where the adults of the house or the elderly want to go outside the country, in a word, expressing an unfulfilled desire of the mind, I want to see the Taj Mahal once! Ah, what a longing to see the Taj Mahal once.







If you just fell in love with the Taj Mahal after hearing its name and seeing the pictures and fell in love with it, then you should visit the Taj Mahal at least once in your life, even if it is difficult. You will see the feeling of seeing, touching, touching the Taj as if it were your own will be a unique achievement throughout your life.





When you get off at Agra by train or plane from Kolkata, you will be moved by a different feeling of the Taj Mahal. Then with a little rest in the hotel, when you go out to see the Taj, various exciting feelings will play inside you. Dreaming for a long time, falling in love without seeing, after waiting for a long time, like feeling for the first time in exchange for a lot of sacrifice.

After cutting the ticket and standing in line, after a light search, when you enter the gate of the Taj Mahal, you will probably be disappointed not to see the Taj Mahal. Because in front will be a huge green grass lawn and red old-fashioned installation. You may think you have come to the wrong place. But no, standing a little further in the middle of the green lawn on both sides, you will see a huge iron gate. That Mughal period. Dear Taj, you will get your first visit through that gate. In the distance, on the banks of the Jamuna, standing in white, white rocks.

It will not be possible for you to wait any longer, so get in immediately. As soon as you go through the huge gate, you will see the long awaited day, in front of you, in the white stone, the beloved Taj Mahal is standing smiling. In front is a huge flower garden, a carpet of green velvet-like fine grass, a variety of small-large-medium leaves, the whole open space of the Taj Mahal is decorated in the evening. Walk as slowly as you can. Gradually proceed to the main courtyard of the Taj Mahal to enjoy the surrounding flower gardens, fountains, sitting altars, photography benches, stone paved staircases, colorful everything very slowly. Standing right in front of you is the Taj Mahal you have dreamed of for many days!





Read up on the altar of the Taj Mahal. Take the time to look around first. Go to the walls of the Taj Mahal standing on the banks of the Jamuna behind the Taj Mahal. Where the dry youth of the Jamuna is flowing slowly. The ruins of the incomplete walls of the fragile black Taj Mahal on the other side of the Jamuna will remind you of the days of Shah Jahan’s last life! How he spent his time in captivity at the distant Agra Fort.

On either side of the Taj Mahal are two more unique installations, a guest house and a mosque. If you have time, you can visit them too. Then if you take a good look at the outside of the entire Taj Mahal, you can see that inside the Taj Mahal there is Mamtaz’s tomb and Shahjahan’s passion, love and immortal love. In every stone, in the grooves of the stone, in the folds, in the various furniture and in all things of tradition. Shahjahan’s unconditional love for Mumtaz.

Then, when you have finished touring the Taj Mahal, when you make your way back, you will see what an attraction you can’t walk or you don’t want to go back. It is as if he is wearing a strange bond, in Maya, in pull and in emotion. You will get upset as soon as you go back. In the pain of leaving such a place of love and affection. Still go, turn around once, touch the beloved Taj Mahal with its vastness, love and infinite passion.

When you come back to meditate or look at your own pictures, you will see that you are in love again!

In love with the crown!




How to get there: Going from Dhaka to the Taj Mahal in Agra is no longer a difficult task. There are several ways to go to Agra. From Dhaka to Kolkata by plane to Agra or from Dhaka to Delhi by plane, from Delhi to Agra by train, bus or taxi.

Or take a bus or train from Dhaka to Kolkata or from Kolkata to Agra. The cheapest way to get there is by bus or train from Dhaka to Kolkata, by train from Kolkata to Agra. You can get a hotel from 1000 rupees as expensive as you want. And the cost of food is as normal and affordable as any other city in India.


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