In search of ancient India: The best traditional places in India.

Ancient India was the seat of culture. This country has a mixture of cultures from all over the world. But it is difficult to find in modern India. If you want to know ancient India, you have to go to a few places where the morning still starts with worship in the Ganges and the evening is welcomed with arti. Today’s event with some such places.




People who know Ramayana do not seem to need to explain Ayodhya any more So if you want to know ancient India from its depths, your destination may be Ayodhya Here you can spend some time in the afternoon along the Bhatkund and Saryu rivers You can also visit multiple places including Faizabad, Bithur, Jainpuri, Varanasi, Pratapgarh and Basti. The cost of going and staying here is also very little










Buddha Gaya:

The significance of Buddha Gaya to the followers of traditional religions is completely different. They have always valued it as a sacred place with reverence and respect. Crowds of people stay here all year round. You too can get an extraordinary peace of mind by traveling to Buddha Gaya.


Pushkar 6 in India is famous for its Brahma temples and sacred reservoirs If you want to forget all the hustle and bustle and spend some time in peace, this is your destination. From Pushkar you can go to more than one place in Rajasthan Azam, Jaipur 7 can come out in one gap This tour is bound to make your mind better for a few days off.











Puri is one of the most visited places for the devotees of Jagannath The sea on one side and the temple of Jagannath on the other are enough to make any human mind feel good. This place in Orissa, India can be easily visited by train.


If you want to go to Gomti Ghat and see the beauty of the Ganges, you have to go to Dwarka in India Dwarka is an extraordinary area arranged in multiple temples This quiet city is bound to make your mind better Apart from Krishna Temple, Dwarka Temple, Sudama Bridge, Gaga Wildlife Sanctuary, there are many other places of interest here. You can visit more than one place on a low budget here.


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