In the land of white mountains.

After a long plan and many dreams, 4 of us flew to Kashmir on January 25.
Bangladesh Biman flight was on time at 8.15 am. I left for Calcutta by noon.

At noon I went to Kolkata New Market to eat the famous shrimp of Kasturi. After visiting New Market in the afternoon, we reached Hotel Babul next to the airport in the evening.





The next day, he flew in Air India at 8 am and reached Delhi at 10 am. Go Air from Delhi at 1.30 pm to Srinagar Airport at 3 pm.

Jabid Bhai was waiting at the airport. His cooperation in this tour cannot be overstated. I didn’t understand before how a driver tour guide can be like a friend. As soon as I landed at the airport, I was hit hard. The temperature is then zero degrees. ❄❄❄






Booked from, we went to Hotel Royal Comfort Regency, the hotel near Ghat No. 14 in Dal Lake. I left my bag at the hotel and went to Jabid Bhai’s car to eat mutton biryani. Now when I close my eyes I get that taste. Sitting in the restaurant, I decided that we are going to Sonmarg tomorrow.

Luckily, the snowfall started after eating so well. The first snowfall philosophy of life. Just staring with fascinated eyes.






# Sonmarg

Jabid Bhai had earlier said that we will not be able to go to Sonmarg due to road closure. We were able to go as far as Gagangir (13 km before Sonmarg). Although we were upset at first, when we got out of the city, the white mountains continued to follow us. So beautiful that it seemed as if my eyes were only two.

Jabid Bhai had earlier told him not to take the horse. We went down to Gagangir and entered the park next to it. We had lunch at a restaurant in the afternoon and left for Srinagar. The way to come and go is so beautiful that there is no regret. Arrived in the afternoon and got up at another hotel Grand MS where we were impressed by the hospitality and stayed here for the next 5 days.





# Gulmarg

The next morning, Jabid Bhai appeared in front of the hotel as usual. Brother Jabid took us to Tanmarg. That is the rule here. Since the road is covered with snow from Tanmarg, you have to take a vehicle with a wheel on the fixed wheel of the union. Fixed rate Rs. After getting off the Gulmarg, Jabid Bhai gave a picture of how to go to the gondola and how to avoid the sled people. After landing at Gulmarg, a minimum of 20 people gathered around. We continued to bother until we walked to Gondla. I don’t know how I was patient at that time. Without listening to them, I bought a gondola ticket for Rs. 640 per person up to First Face and got on the car only. I rented boots and extra jackets from Tanmarg for Rs. 200 per person. I just had to take the boots. Different snow activities can be done just by getting off the car. We spent 1.30 hours there. Later we came back to the taxi stand and from there we drove to Tanmarg. On the way to Srinagar, I ate the famous Kashiri Polao and Rogan Jos. If you can, you must eat.





# Pehelgam

I had breakfast at the hotel in the morning and left. On the way he ate saffron. I saw an empty field as there was no season. However, Jabid Bhai stopped the car and fed us our famous Kashi Kawa with his own money. I bought some saffron from the owner’s own shop. After crossing Anantnag, I came across an apple orchard. Just apple orchards as far as the eye can see. Since it is not the season, I have to see bald trees. Just before reaching Pahelgam, I took a picture at the Lidar River Bridge. Jabid Bhai explained in detail how to deal with horsemen in Pahelgam. I took 4 horses with 4 people to visit 4 spots. Horses have different names, mine was called King 8
When we reached Mini Switzerland, there was no one but us. I lost myself in the midst of another silent beauty. From there I went back to Jabid Bhai’s car to Aru Valley. On the way back to Srinagar we ate kebabs and bread.





# Milkmaid

I woke up the next morning and looked outside to see the snowfall. We left the milk jug. Due to heavy snow we were forced to stop 6 km earlier. I got out of the car, took a picture and immediately got into the car. Because the temperature is then -6 degrees. We left for Srinagar at noon, had lunch at the Mughal court and left for Lalchak. Afternoon was spent shopping.







Our last day in Kashmir, this day is my birthday again. As soon as I woke up in the morning and removed the window curtain, I saw snow falling like cotton falling from the sky. This day we went hunting at Dal Lake. I went to the Mughal garden Nishatbagh, Shalimarbagh. The spectacles were closed as Narendra Modi was coming to Kashmir. Seeing Hazrat Baal Mosque, I did not forget to eat the bread pudding in front of it. While walking around the city, I heard the story of Jabid Bhai’s life. How he got married without the consent of his family in 1992. How he continued to struggle with his only daughter even after his wife died.





# Danger_of_the_back

Our AirAsia flight from Srinagar was at 9.30 am. But no flight has come or gone since morning due to bad weather. My tension started. The flight from Delhi to Kolkata was missed at 2 pm. We flew from Srinagar and reached Delhi at 1.30 pm and 3 pm. As soon as I got down, I bought a 5.30 pm Vista ticket from Make My Trip to Kolkata. The next day, Bangladesh Biman arrived in Bangladesh at 11 am.





Some education-
1. There is no morning flight to Healy Area in winter.
2. Do everything in Kashmir. If you say 1000, you say 200.
3. Take the connecting flight of Same Airlines and they will manage it even if you miss the other one for any actor.
4. If you go to Kashni in winter, you must stay in the hotel




Take dinner at Law Included. It is so cold that it will be difficult to eat.
5. I am not responsible if Kashni goes to the country before marriage and does not like the girl.

Throughout the tour I tried not to throw dirt without the dustbin. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Maintain cleanliness when traveling.


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