In the Victoria Memorial Garden

In the garden of the Victoria Memorial, the statue is of Lord William Henry Cavendish Bentinck, or Lord Bentinck for short. He was a contemporary and special friend of Raja Rammohun Roy. He was the first Governor General of this country (1826-35).
During these seven years of work, he did some memorable work. It is difficult to say which of them is most important.
Even then, Persian was the language of instruction in this country. Just as it lacked modernity, it was somewhat unscientific. The subject of education has not become so popular.

In 1835, at the suggestion of Thomas McCall, Bentinck radically reformed the education system. This included the formulation and implementation of the English Education Act. As a result, the path to education in the Western system is easy.

The East India Company established the first medical college in the country in 1822. His name was Native Medical Institution (NMI). But it was the primary education center of medicine. In 1835, Bentinck established the first medical college in India and South Asia in Calcutta. Soon the reputation of Calcutta Medical College spread all over the world.

Thugs have been looting and killing in this country for centuries. An atmosphere of panic was created all over the country. With the active and effective action of Bentinck, the thugs were eliminated from the country.

Cruel practices such as homosexuality, killing of girls and infants were completely abolished under Bentinck’s strict discipline. King Rammohun Roy used to inform Bentinck about evil practices and superstitions. Whatever King Rammohun said about social reform, Bentinck accepted it without debate. The mutual respect between the two had a far-reaching effect on society. The childless Bentinck died in Paris in 1839. He was buried in London.

Below the statue is depicted a cruel scene of satidah.
Interestingly, behind the bronze dress on the left side of the statue lives a sculpted couple. It can be understood by looking at the sticks coming out of the house. The bird couple knows the Majumdar couple. As soon as they call out with two or four pieces of biscuits and two or four fried pulses, they leave the house and sit first on the head of one idol and on the index finger of the other. Turning his head to see if they are really the stars of Shibpur. Then he came down with a sigh.

They have one or two cubs. They came to the door of the house and raised their faces.
Bentinck does not see this, his focus is on the city of Calcutta on the eastern horizon. He gets to see the medical colleges in the city. I don’t know if he sheds tears like Happy Prince!


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