Incense shower.

Turning to Aslam Kaptai’s Bilaichhari Upazila’s Dhuppani Jharna. You will feel insignificant even for a moment near the vastness of the incense shower …







How to get there: –
By Dhaka-Kaptai bus, then reserve a boat from Kaptai jetty to Uluchhari, it will take about 4-4: 30 hours. Everyone must take NID with them, there is an army check post! Then start walking from there, it will take an hour and a half to reach Dhuppanipara on foot / trekking. 30 minutes down from Dhuppanipara is the “Dhuppani” spring.




In the middle of this fountain, 1 “Bhante” (Buddhist guru) has been meditating for the last 10 years. Since he only eats on Sundays, there are no restrictions on going to the fountain on Sundays. Any other day of the week is subject to certain conditions, such as – no noise, no noise. However, such conditions do not apply on Sundays.







A strangely beautiful fountain. You will feel insignificant to the vastness of this fountain. In this fountain you will see a natural rainbow.


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