Information about Bagerhat travel.

If you have trouble reading the whole thing, just read this part of “Khan Jahan Ali Mazar from Bagerhat”, I hope you will be careful. The experience of going for a walk alone was as bitter as learning again. I went out to hang out alone with friends. The purpose was to travel to Bagerhat again by paddle steamer. Details are all here from Dhaka to Hularhat (Pirojpur) – Paddle steamer or rocket, leaving Dhaka at 6:30 pm, final destination Moralganj. Go to Sadarghat and go to the steamer dock and you will see the steamer. I will go to Hularhat. PS-Lepcha, again there MV-Bengali, I got up, at PS-Lepcha, deck rent is 230 rupees. No more cabin / 1st class / 2nd class tickets. It’s better to buy a ticket in advance, so I bought a ticket on the deck and went up to the roof, where I stayed until 9:30 pm. Going down to eat, I arranged to sleep at the dinner table for 100 rupees. We reached Chandpur at 10:45 pm, disembarked from there, and reached Barisal at 4:30 pm. This time one by one they will be dropped off at Jhalokati and Kaukhali ghats and will reach Hularhat by 10:30 am / 11 am. Between Jhalokati and Kaukhali ghats, you can see Gabkhan Bridge, a shrine.

Cost: Deck fare = 230 TK Sleeping arrangement = 100 TK Dinner = 200 TK (Bargain here will cost a little less, the menu was – rice, chicken, fried, pulses) From Hularhat to Bagerhat – Get off the ghat and get off by auto You will leave early but you will not get a seat. If you get off at the new bus stand, you will get a seat but the bus will leave soon. From there, leaving a separate bus in Khulna and a separate bus in Bagerhat will take a lot of Turag style passengers and go at once. It took me 40 minutes.




Cost: Auto = 20 Taka (Normally 15 Taka) Bus = 50 Taka (Stand 40 Taka, I got a seat so 50 Taka from Pirojpur to Bagerhat)




Breakfast = 35 Taka (Parata, Dal-Bhaji) Khan Jahan Ali Mazar from Bagerhat: If you get off at Bagerhat bus stand, it is better to go to Khan Jahan Ali Mazar first from there, motor rickshaw, auto. Since I went alone, the auto was not going there, so I took a rickshaw and left. This is where the real thing happens, as soon as I get out of the rickshaw, a shopkeeper raises his hand to greet me, raises his hand for the sake of politeness, reads a beautiful prayer in my hand, asks for the name and ties a “red ribbon” in his hand, and a packet Agarbati, candles, and Tobarak fills up, saying that the Lord will pray for me to give to the Lord. He demanded 100 rupees. Which made sense, I already fell into the trap. Anyway, I took agarbati, candles and left with 50 rupees, toured the shrine, prayed in the mosque, then offered agarbati, candles and went around the shrine and ate real lime. As soon as he enters, he asks, what is the vow? Khasi or cow “I ate the tabdha there. I said,” None, I have no vows. “Another took me inside, put his hand on the grill at the shrine, and said to him,” I donated 1001 rupees for the shrine today at Milad. ” I – “I don’t have 1000 rupees” sir – “I donated 501 TK for 5 kg of sweets for the shrine today in Milad” Then he took out 501 rupees and donated it in the donation box, in this way Allah will give you the gift of earning millions of rupees. I took out 500 rupees. He took it in his hand and put it in the donation box. He put the candles and incense sticks in packets and threw them inside. These will be sold again by those shopkeepers. Then he said, ‘Pray and go out.’ I left.

Cost: Rickshaw: Rs. 50 (stand to shrine).


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