Introducing some of the safest low budget hotels in Chittagong.

Many travel to Chittagong,
And looking for a room on a relatively low budget,
I mentioned some of the best and safest hotels in Chittagong.







Hotel Park (Residential)
5/6 Zakir Hossain Road, Dampara Chittagong.





Above the green line counter,
Where the bus comes and stops.
Room rent-500 to 1500.

Hotel Vacation (Residential)
GEC Junction, above Nidibili Restaurant. Chittagong.
Phone- 03126543.
Room rent – from 1200 to 2000.








Hotel Lord’s Inn.
C&B GEC Junction, Chittagong.
Room rent 2000 to 6000.

Hotel Silmun.
Washa Junction, Dampara, Chittagong.
Room rent 1800 to 4000.










Twilight Guest Inn.
5/6 Zakir Hossain Road Chittagong Dampara.
Room rent – 1800 to 4000.

There are also many more hotels in Bahaddarhat, Agrabad, New Market area of ​​Chittagong.
You can find out at your own risk.







However, move a little more carefully in the New Market area.

B: Note: And for those who are new to Chittagong
* Bhatiari surrounded by hills and lakes,
* Patenga Sea Beach
*, Kaptai Lake,
* Khagrachari
*, Sajak Valley,
* Rangamati,
* Mirsasarai,
* War Cemetery,
* Batali Hill,
* Faizlake,
* Sitakunda Mahamaya,
* Mirsarai
* Khayachara spring.


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