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Surely many have already thought about traveling here? Why not? Surrounded by mountains, covered with flowers of various colors, Kullu wrapped in green has been popular with Manali tourists for many years. It is called ‘Land of Gods’. I shared some of my captures with you.




Starting from the top of the snow-covered mountain, you have to go to Kullu Manali in India to see the warm spring. One of the ideal places for nature lovers. Exciting people rushed to Manali. There are snow-capped mountains, rivers and beautiful nature.




Manali is a hill town located at an altitude of 2050 m above sea level in the Beas River valley in Himachal Pradesh. … The Bipasha / Beas River, which flows in a crooked way through the village, is truly a marvel of nature.




It is a marvelous creation of God. The houses standing on the hillside are small but like the picture. On the way to the city of Manali, you will sometimes see a dense forest, a snowy river and a waterfall somewhere. It would seem that the monster-shaped mountain has kept this town in its mother’s arms after wearing white clothes.





The whole of Manali is covered with snow, mainly during the winter. On the night of the full moon, the unique Aparupa Manali. Standing on the bank of Bipasha and seeing this scene, the eyes will really close. You don’t have to pay any price to see this amazing beauty of Manali. ‘Bipasha’ is the ancient name of this flowing river. It is now known as the Beas River.





People in the area say that Manu, a Brahmin ruler, got down from his boat to Manali to revive the people. Manali was later named after him. The word ‘Manali’ literally means ‘Manu’s home’. Manali is known as the ‘Dev Valley’ after the world was hit by severe floods. There is also an ancient temple named after Rishi Manu in the old Manali village.




How to get there: From Dhaka to Kolkata, from Kolkata to Delhi, from Delhi to Shimla first. In route selection you can choose air / bus / train based on your comfort. Then we went from Shimla to Manali in 2 night 2 day package. The package was done. 3700 rupees package, we had 2 more couples with us. We went in a shared jeep. On the way to Manali, Kullu fell. Read.


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