Jaflong, Lalakhal, Shahparan shrine.

If you have visited Sylhet but have not visited Jaflong, then your visit will fail. It takes a little more than two hours to go from Sylhet to Jaflong. Some roads are quite bad but not as bad as Bichanakandi. From Sylhet, I fixed CNG for the whole day including Jaflong, Lalakhal, and Shah Paran’s shrine. Local CNG drivers are a little naughty in nature. It depends on how much money you have. After talking to three or four CNGs, I persuaded one of them for 1500 TK. The man was quite good, driving the CNG quite well. After finishing the complimentary breakfast at the hotel, I started the journey with CNG at that time. I wanted to buy some bananas on the way but I could not find any in any shop. I finally found a few bananas in a store. We reached Jaflong after about 2 hours and 20 minutes. The 3 to 4 km of road was a little bad. The closer we got to Jaflong, the more the mountains of Meghalaya looked like a living paradise. One pass of the mountain is Bangladesh and the other pass in India. CNG came and stood at the stand. As soon as I walk a little further, I see a beautiful nature like the picture. The river flows from the middle of the hill on both sides. Enjoying the beauty from above, I never thought more big surprises are waiting for us.





You have to go down the stairs very slowly from the top of the bus stand. It is very easy to get down but very difficult to get up. A little accident can cause a big accident. After going down I discovered there is a big syndicate there. I went downstairs and quietly tried to understand what was happening here. You have to go by boat or trawler to visit Jaflong. It is wise to go from trawler to boat. The trawler that you can enjoy by boat is not available. Everyone is sitting in a syndicate at the main wharf. If you go around, they will ask you if you will go in a package or without a package. It is very foolish to go for a package. Tea gardens and betel gardens are included in the package as extras. I think it is foolish to want to see the tea garden and betel garden in Sylhet. The beauty of the tea garden is not found anywhere else except in Srimangal. If Jaflong wants to see those two sports, they will demand 1800 to 2500 TK.



I decided to take a boat for 600 TK to take a tour of the whole of Jaflong and take the new Khasia village on foot. After getting on the boat for 10 minutes, I got off the boat, walked for 10 minutes, and reached the new Khasia village. The Khasia village lifestyle is quite tidy and clean. Inside the village, their king has a house. As soon as we went in front of the house, a foreign breed dog greeted us. Frightened, I moved forward. The most interesting thing about Khasia Palli is that there are innumerable mountain pheasants in every house. Birds are exposed, probably domesticated, do not fly. After walking around for 10 minutes, I got back on the boat. I crossed the river and walked through the sandy desert to the rocky waterfall. When it rained, it turned into a full-fledged fountain. We climbed a lot of rocks and had to fetch some water. It remains to be seen how nice the shower is during the rainy season.





It is very difficult to walk barefoot on the sand as if someone had started a fire underfoot. We got back on the boat again. I noticed a strange thing, it was very hot and sunny, but I froze as soon as I touched the water. What a wonderful pastime the Creator played. This time our destination is Zero Point. After a 15-minute boat ride, we arrived at Zero Point. It is the ideal place for bathing. But be careful the water is very cold so it is difficult to take a bath for a long time. After spending some time, I took the boat a little further. Where India and Bangladesh border pillars are given. From a little distance, I found a wonderful hanging bridge hanging between two hills. Can’t go near the hanging bridge. That part is inside India. Many Indian tourists come to visit there. The funny thing is no one crosses the borderline. I can 100% guarantee that the beauty of Jaflong will fascinate you every moment.




If it is the rainy season, you will easily fall in love with Jaflong. Now it’s time to return. Climbing the stairs is like winning a battle. There are several toilets upstairs to freshen up. If anyone wants to be fresh, be very careful. More than likely, my half-sister fell slightly and broke her arm. So those who go will try to go a little more carefully. At that time I was returning to Sylhet with CNG on the way to Lala Khal Ghat. I stood there for some time and tried to see the canal. The water of the canal is completely blue. Trawler rental is available here at Rs 300 per hour. The best time for a salivating horse is in the afternoon. It is fun to enjoy the village environment and lifestyle on both sides of the blue water as the trawler runs from the middle of the river. So if you want you can spend some time here. Our final destination was the shrine of Shah Paran. Shrine of Shah Paran 7 km before Sylhet city. If you want you can visit the whole shrine. We must have seen it from a distance.




The trip to Sylhet was amazing. Maybe the trip would have been better if it wasn’t just an accident. Those who travel to Sylhet must-visit Jaflong and Ratargul otherwise the trip to Sylhet will be in vain.
*** Every tourist destination is our national resource, they are maintained and maintained

It is the responsibility of all of us to clean up. So I urge everyone not to throw dirt here and there while traveling. Keep the environment beautiful and give others the opportunity to go around in a beautiful way.


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