Jaipur is one of the most developed cities in Rajasthan. Afterall its a Metro-City. When I got off at the station in the dark of night, Jaipur Junction was full of people like during the day. Most of the stations in Rajasthan are Jaipur and I got fast Wi-Fi. A huge station at Platform no 7, Jaipur is more like Metro Rail. It is possible to travel from one end of the city to the other at a low cost. The success of the name Pink City can be fully understood by looking at the surrounding walls, the color of the house.






There is a bus, auto to say local transport. The city is so beautifully arranged that it is nice to visit. In Jaipur, Uber, Jugno, Ola has all the services and gives very good. There is a Bengali hotel near the railway station for eating and drinking. The taste and quality of food is very good. A good double bed hotel can be found next to the station for 400-600 rupees. There are many places to visit in Jaipur. In my plan, only 1 day was allotted for Jaipur. After coming to Jaipur, I realized that nothing would happen in 1 day, so I came to Jaipur again from Jaipur via Jodhpur-Jaisalmer. First, let’s go to Mango Fort. The fort is well away from Jaipur city. It is better to go by local bus. On the way to the fort, you will see Jal Mahal. Jal Mahal looks beautiful from a distance. At first, it seemed that the guide did not go down to the mango fort. But the guide guy can be so twisted that he gets annoyed at the end (based on previous experience). The trick is to download audio guides from the net. Wherever you see the audio guide number of the fort, then just play that number file from the mobile. Survived at the expense of the guide. The fort is surrounded by a wall from a great distance. The entrance to the fort is a little different. In fact, the path was made for the movement of elephants. Now and every morning elephants move through that road inside the fort. If you want, you can go inside the fort on the back of an elephant.






There is a lake in front of the fort. There is a garden in the lake. The fact is that the interior design of the garden inside the lake, the design of the small garden inside the fort, the design of a door opposite the top palace, the only difference in drawing the same design in the same three places is the size of the design. Most of the doors inside the fort are made of sandalwood. I don’t know how the thought of a bath tab came to their mind at that time but inside the castle, there is like a bath tub for bathing queens. There is a hot water system next to it. The queens wore so much heavy cloth and jewelry that it was difficult for them to walk, so they had two-wheeled vehicles like palanquins. The mirrors on the top floor are fitted in such a way that they look like stars when light falls on them. The queen used to beg the king to see them from their bedroom. That’s why the mirror on the roof should be fitted in such a way that it looks like a star when the light is on. When everyone lights a mobile torch on the roof, it really feels like thousands of stars. Mango fort and much bigger.





You will have fun watching it for a long time. There is only one window above the entrance to Amer Palace. When the king returned from the battle, the queen would greet the king through that window. If you do not listen to the audio guide, you will miss these things. There are some houses next to the mango fort. They claim to be Man Singh’s successors. And the fort that can be seen in front is the fort of victory. From Mango Fort, you can go through Jayagarah Fort Tunnel. Also closing another tunnel. Another thing to keep in mind is that emergency tickets are checked twice. If you throw it after checking for the first time, you will be in danger at the end. On the way back from the mango fort, you can go down the road and see the water palace. The writing is getting bigger but the story of Jaipur is not ending …………… let it continue.

(To be Continued…)


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