Jessore travel story in a day.

After traveling to Sylhet and Panchagarh in one day, I became confident that it is possible to visit Jessore in one day. I started with that confidence in how to travel to Jessore in 24 hours.
The story is from November 2016. As part of that plan, the autumn journey started to Jessore overnight. In the morning, after visiting Michael Madhusudan Dutt’s house in Sagardari village, Jessore city in the afternoon, Gadkhali flower garden in the afternoon, Benapole Dhaka in the evening.



When our bus left Amarbagh at ten o’clock at night, it was one o’clock in the morning at a ten-mile jam at Aricha Ghat, breaking through the city jam, the dead moonlight of autumn and the dew. Since then a plan began to fail. Even then I woke up with good sleep at six o’clock in the morning. I saw Delhi far away.
After finishing lunch at 12 noon, I reached Jessore at 2 pm with a failed plan.
Since I felt a little sad, let’s go to the river first. KopoTakkho River.

I got on the bus from the front of Manihar Cinema Hall to Keshabpur. As soon as the bus left the city limits, nature began to fascinate us with its beauty. The village of Shant Nibir on both sides of the road, rows, and rows of palm trees, the yellow color of mustard flowers in the field, the conversation of the people inside the bus washed away the fatigue of the night.
I think the building of the old house of Michael Madhusudan Dutt in Keshabpur gave a lot of peace.
Then some time of sunset on the bank of Katal Kopotaksh.

Just after landing in Jessore city. Arrangements for an overnight stay at Manihar Hotel. Evening public life with a sip of tea intoxicated with tea.
After wandering around the city of Jessore till 8 pm and having dinner, I was tempted to watch a movie at the biggest cinema hall in Bangladesh. After entering Manihar Cinema Hall, the feeling of the creepy body is so big, only a few spectators. Watching movies while sleeping.
After a very deep and peaceful sleep, in the morning from Jessore city to Gadkhali along Jessore road.
The flower capital of Bangladesh. Flowers and flowers across the horizon on all four sides, a dew-drenched sweet path with sunlight. Where nightshade brings charm, rose ara gladius.

Benapole railway station in the shadow of the ancient rain tree on Jessore Road.
It’s still a different kind of experience.

Hopefully this winter Ara Jessore trip will give you a new experience in travel. Do not be deprived of the beauty of this city.

May our journey be enjoyable while maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of nature and environment.


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