Jurachari, Rangamati is a fascinating body of water surrounded by hills.

Those who have not had the opportunity to see the breathtaking waters of Europe, America, the Middle East, Thailand, or the famous mountains of the Maldives will see that beauty in the deep beauty of Rangamati in Jurachari. The magnificent form of Jurachari, which is submerged in the body of water at the bottom of the hill, has remained hidden from the eyes of many tourists. If you do not see this place in the green land of infinite beauty, your trip to Rangamati will be incomplete.





Jurachari is located at a distance of 56 km from Rangamati Sadar. This upazila is named after the spring named Jurachari. The word ‘jur’ means cold and the word ‘chhari’ means rhyme or spring. On one side of Jurachari, there are trees coming down from that distant hill. On the other hand, in the silent waters of Kaptai Lake, the mingling of the wind awakens the sleeping beauty of the people in one fell swoop. Where the mind wants to be lost. As if calling out ‘get out’. The only means of communication in this area is the waterway.





About 27,000 people live in this Jurachhari upazila. Most of them belong to the Chakma community. There are also Muslim, Hindu, Rakhine, Marma, Tangchanga, Panko, Tripura, Qiang, Marung and Bom communities. Communal harmony, diverse culture is one of the aspects of the beauty of Jurachari.

There is an army camp next to Jurachhari upazila complex. Moreover, the police of Jurachhari police station is always ready to provide security to the tourists. They come running for any need.





The communication system from Rangamati town to Jurachari is also quite satisfactory.
There is no such thing as having a jurachari. There is no modern restaurant for eating. However, delicious food is available at the Mohammad Ali Hotel next to the Upazila Complex. The price is also low.
Since there is no accommodation, we have to return to Rangamati town day by day. For this you have to catch the return boat at half past noon and 8:30 pm.


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