Kamankhola zamindar’s house.

Zamindar houses are scattered all over the country. It can be understood by looking at the installations made by the people of earlier times that they were more fond of the people of the modern age. The identity of taste has emerged in every installation. What is preserved in other countries was mixed with the soil in our country. I went to Laxmipur to see such a dilapidated zamindar house. The name of the house is Kamankhola. Attraction in the name. Next to it is Dalal Bazar Zamindar Bari. Laxmipur may be the new destination for those who like to visit district based.







Apart from these zamindar houses, you can also visit the mosque of Zvin, the Titakhan mosque and Char Alexander.





“Zamindar house with cannon open near Dalal Bazar. Zamindar Rajendra Nath Das, son of Kshetranath Das and grandson Jadunath Das and grandson of Jadunath Das, Harendra Narayan Das Chowdhury became zamindari in phases. They had zamindari in Raipur upazila. He bought real estate and built a zamindari residence. At the front door of the house there is a water bank on the bank of the canal, a lathial and a guard house, a two-storied giant puja mandapa in front, a palace of exquisite beauty in the house beyond the protected entrance and an underground dance inside the house. There are many interesting stories about the room known as ‘Andhar Manik’. The elephants are gone but they have elephant bones. There is Lakshmi Narayan Dev Vigraha. ” [Source: http://www.lakshmipur.gov.bd]

How to get there:
CNG can be added from Laxmipur bus stand. CNG can be added from Raipur bus stand.


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