Kamarupa Kamakhya Travel.

Almost everyone who has read this article has heard of a mysterious world of magic in childhood – called Kamrup-Kamakhya or Kamukhye. It was heard that this Kamrup Kamakhya jungle is such a terrifying mountainous world, where it is very difficult to go. Even if one can cross the pastures and reach the world, it is not possible to return from there. The goddesses there are trapped in the net of Maya and have to spend their lives. And there is no pair of Kamrup Kamakhya to learn magic sorcery arrow or Tantra mantra.





I don’t want to talk about this myth anymore. Kamrup Kamakhya has actually become a religious tourist destination today. Hundreds of thousands of people are coming here every day from India, Bangladesh, and abroad. Many worship at the temple, many visits, many keep visiting the temple as an adjunct to tourism. The temple of the goddess Kamakhya is located on the Nilachal hill near the town of Guwahati in the Kamrup district of Assam. It is one of the 51 Satipiths of Hindu folk belief. There is also a temple of Dasamahavidya here. There is a long history of Kamakhya temple and Goddess Kamakhya in mythological history. The theme of our essay is Kamakhya Travel.




There is nothing to fear in traveling to Kamrup Kamakhya. Guwahati is easily accessible by road from Shillong. Guwahati can be reached by train or plane from Kolkata or Howrah in India. It is wise to set aside one or two days for Assam while visiting the sights of Shillong. Then two kingdoms can be seen in one journey like killing two birds with one stone.




Directions to go







Shillong can be reached by crossing the Dauki border. After visiting Cherrapunji, Dauki, Shillong in Shillong, one morning, take a share taxi or Tata Sumo from the police market to Guwahati. Rent – 400 TK in share taxi, 200 TK in sumo. It will take three hours.

Guwahati-Kamrup Kamakhya:



Guwahati railway station, market, bus stand in the area of ​​Guwahati Paltan Bazar. From here you can go anywhere by train, bus, taxi, auto.



You can go to Kamakhya temple by taxi or auto reserve. Rent from two and a half to three hundred and fifty rupees. I have to go to the Kamakhya temple. Otherwise, the Otolara can be told to go down the hill. Nowadays there are roads … no need to walk.



From Paltan Bazar, you can get off at Kamakhya Temple Gate on Assam Trunk Road. From there the shared Tata Sumo goes up to the hill temple. Only 20 rupees per person. The road from Paltan Bazar to Kamakhya Gate is only 6 km. It takes about 15 minutes to go. The rent is between one hundred and one hundred and fifty rupees.



There are autos, sumo, and taxis in the stand below the temple. Bargaining will further reduce the rent. On the way to Kamakhya temple, there is a viewpoint in a place on the hill. On the way back and forth, you can stop by taking a taxi or autoola to take a picture of Guwahati city and surrounding hilly towns from above.

PS: Be a traveler. Write travelogue. Keep the environment clean while traveling. Remember, if the environment is endangered, the places of interest will no longer be visible.


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