Kanchenjunga Travel Transport.

We got off at Chilahati at 8.15 am and reached Panchagarh by local transport. Then go to the pre-determined Paglu (local name of CNG) and go to Banglabanda (on the other side Phulbari) border around 12 noon. It was a little over 2 o’clock when we reached Siliguri by jeep from Opas after the trouble at the border. From there I took a jeep to Yuxam.



The weather was not very favorable. Clouds in the sky, rain from time to time was making the mood worse. I was heading towards Yuxam to chat with the trek leader beach dar. As soon as we left Siliguri, the hilly road started. It has gone through the middle of the hill. Some people may be wrong to think of the road of Bandarban at first. But it won’t take long for him to break the mistake. Beautiful road. The upper stream of the river Teesta is flowing at great speed by the side. Green hills on the other side of the road. From time to time some beautiful fountains have come out through the heart of the mountain. In the fading sun of the last afternoon, the springs are crashing into the strong current of the Teesta.



Apart from the green hills and the Teesta, another object will not escape anyone’s eyes. Not an object, in fact, it is an animal. “Monkey”. Plenty. Lots of monkeys are roaming freely across the road. I hope many will get the content to take pictures. If you want to stop the car somewhere and enjoy the afternoon, the monkeys, the Teesta and the green hills on the other side will not disappoint you. And Teesta Dam is very beautiful. But you can’t go near.



Early in the evening, we reached Meli, the checkpost to enter Sikkim. After finishing work there, he got on the jeep again. (Note: Before boarding the jeep from Siliguri, you must have your passport, photocopy of Visa passport and your passport size photo in your car.


By the evening it was north. Jhimuni has come on a long journey. I was sitting in the car with headphones ringing in my ears. Sudden break. A couple of cars also stopped in front. We are discussing among ourselves what has happened. “Landslide,” said Beach Da. The headlights of the car in front showed some loose stones lying on the road. The driver got out of the car to check the matter beforehand. Two of us, the brave Asif and Mishu also went ahead to see the matter. I’m blaming fate, “I chose this date in Kukshan. First, the train was late, then late at the border, then the driver’s bush at Mellie checkpost, finally this mountain collapsed. Who knows if I’ll be able to reach Yuxam tonight.” In the meantime, two of our brave friends rushed into the car. With the driver. This time a big rock has started falling. As soon as the car starts, reverse gear. Another 20-30 hands back, the driver brought the car to a safe distance. After a while, when the rocks stopped falling, our driver opened the tube of Babu Tuberg and swallowed 2-4 drops, drew a cross in the air, started the car, and ran through the middle of the rocks.



Everyone left half alive. It seems that the danger is over. Now straight to Yuxam. But tell me who knows what is inside the belly of destiny. A little further on, another landslide. And bigger than before. Anyway. By the will of God, I survived that journey. After that, it rained heavily in Peru. The driver does not go low. The speed of the car has increased to 60-70 on that hilly road. We say, “Hey Ray, the driver seems to be caught in the tub.” Beach Da later said that landslides are more common in the rains. So he was driving fast and crossing dangerous places quickly.



By the time two landslides hit the road and the driver was driving recklessly, our beech was on our shoulders. But for the first time, seeing a mountain collapse in front of your eyes is a new experience. What did you say?



We finally entered Yuxam at about 9.30 pm. There we met the rest of the team and another trek leader, Joy Dar. I don’t know anyone. As soon as we entered the room, everyone went to their respective rooms. It’s like an unprepared feeling in everyone.



Then at the end of dinner, Sancha Han Limbo and two of our trek leaders gave us some advice. Then we go to the room and sleep in the soft bed for the last time.

Keep the environment beautiful and clean.


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