Kanlak hill travel is endless.

Now is the auspicious month of the Bengali calendar. The rainy season is over. However, there is a lot of rain. The bright blue sky of autumn gives a glowing glow in the middle of the afternoon, and in an instant, Baridhara begins to fill the sky with black clouds. How much more of the form of autumn can be seen sitting in Dhaka.



So I went to the land of Kanlak hills to get closer to nature. Where the vast sky, the clouds, the green water of the sea is monotonous. Variety
Which is the current Sajek Valley?



On the way to Khagrachhari by bus on Friday night. Journey break in Comilla. After eating tea and bread, a little stomach worship was taken. The bus is pounding on the highway. When I crossed the Mahipal bank of Feni, I entered an unknown area of ​​Khagrachari. The winding road began like a snake. Sitting next to the driver, the whole two-hour journey continued. When the light of dawn broke, it was like an organized morning. Clouds are floating from an unknown mountain in the distance, suddenly a fire broke out in the eastern sky. Everyone on the bus is staring in amazement. Suryadev entered Bengal in a grand procession.

We reached the small hill town of Khagrachari From Khagrachhari you have to go to Sajek Valley by moon car. About 60 kilometers of road in the moon car. This 60 kg trip is probably one of the best trips of your life. On the way, after completing the formalities of the army camp, the car is running towards Sajek Valley.

Mountain Tiller is a steep climb on this road and a steep 400-500 feet descent to another hill. In doing so we are rising about 2200 feet above sea level. Small hillside on the side of the road. You will be fascinated by the site view that you will see in this way even if you dream for a few nights. So beautiful On the side of the road, small children with hollow teeth and hollow teeth will wave their hands and greet me in their world.



We reached the desired Sajek Valley around 12 noon. The sun above the head. On the way to the valley, I got so much sunshine that my head was burning. But I am feeling a strange kind of cold over the valley. Looks like the natural air conditioner has given up. In fact, from that distant Mizoram hill, the clouds are intersecting us and going to Lusai hill.



I have already fixed the cottage. Food must be ordered in advance at all times. If not, the hotel says and the restaurant says food will not be available anywhere. Somehow he ordered food and went to Kamalak Jharna. Roughly a trek path. The road is not very steep but the road is steep. It takes a lot of time and effort. One of the groups came back in the middle saying that he could not go.



After a while, I saw a beautiful lotus fountain. Why people come to the fountain with so much effort, here it is actually understood, can be realized. It had rained the night before and the speed of the water in the fountain was strong. I hurried for an hour and made my way back. On the way, our little guide Piyush cut the hill melons. It was very tasty and juicy. After climbing up and down, I came to the room at four o’clock and went to the army canteen ‘Sampriti Cafe’.



Roast pre-ordered rice vegetable eggs. The excellent recipe tastes great. Almost everyone ate an unusual amount of rice because of terrible hunger. After coming to the room, I slept for half an hour and went to Kanlak Para, the highest peak of Sajek. Here too a steep narrow road goes straight to Kanlak Para. After sweating profusely, we reached Kanlak hill a little before evening.



The sun god is setting in the lap of the mountain. Blood in the western sky. The environment here is so diverse. The mind will want to get lost in the aesthetics of silence again and again.
The raft of Panse clouds from the Lusai hills, which used to stand like a monster in Mizoram, is touching us in the southern Bay of Bengal. The feeling that a kind of shiver plays in the body when the clouds touch is not found anywhere else.”



So far, darkness has descended on the Kanlak hills. Wet silence all around. The Lusai women are sitting together chatting. He is smoking a hookah made of bash. They are clean and tidy. Back to Sajek’s Main Valley. Sangi Didi’s tea shop is just down the steep road.


Didi is as good at speaking English as she is in weak English. When I am drinking orange tea made with absolute affection in Sangi’s hand, I am startled by the name of the mountain or the call of a bird. The call of millions of insects around is like Bhairabi’s anger. Didi Misty gave a gift of guava from her shop to five of us with a smile.



When I came to the room, I leaned on the bed so that my body would not move. Happiness is only if we can stay like this for eternity.


I did not come to lie down. Leaning for an hour, I went out again to see the valley in the evening. The restaurant has a different atmosphere with the washing of bar-b-que so far. There are various food stalls around for the exhaustion of the whole day.

There is nothing better than tea for fatigue.
I was satisfied again after drinking Manomohini Didi’s tea. Sajek’s food is the best in the tourist area I have visited so far.
I didn’t eat bar-b-que at dinner. We liked Sajek’s famous bamboo chicken. Bosnian bread with specially cooked chicken inside the bash.



I am sitting on the helipad of Sajek. I was a little sorry that I came on the night of the new moon. I can not see the beauty of the night! Late at night, Sajek saw the Milky Way galaxy. She is a wonderful sight. I am looking at the sky with one mind. As if I were an attentive student of the universe. Someone said Sajek does not cheat anyone. Really true.



After sleeping like a quarter of an hour at night, Subeh-Sadiq is back in the helipad.
Sajak is the most attractive

That moment is Sajek’s morning. Clouds mountains sky sun. Their hiding continues unabated. The environment here changes every five minutes.
Its beauty, its uniqueness, it’s Maya I do not know how to write. So I did not write anymore to taste this beauty, you must go to the country of the Kanlak hills.

Due to avoiding Friday, our per-person cost was 2640 TK. However, this season is possible at 2600-2800 except Friday.

We have made the country very dirty.
Don’t do it anymore. I have also seen water bottles at Kamalak Jharna where few people go.
These can be avoided with a little awareness.
** Cleanliness is a part of faith.


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