Kaptai 1 day travel tour and expenses.

Didn’t go anywhere for many days. I was looking for a place to refresh. I got Kaptai’s travel experience for the sake of (tob). I informed everyone in the circle of friends. I got 5 members to go.

Our plan was to travel kayaking + boat. Let’s fix the date of travel on Saturday, April 20. I was all from Chittagong. If you want to go to Kaptai from Chittagong city, you can go from Bahaddarhat bus station. The fare for leaving Kaptai’s bus after 15m from the bus station is 75 rupees. Our plan was to get in the car at 8 am and get off at Kaptai at 10 am. It didn’t happen anymore. Everyone gets upset so there is less of a member and less of a member. Everyone calls and doesn’t get it all. His call came a little before we got out of the car, he was very happy and angry to see the call. “Dust sorry” is coming from the other side of the head 100 to 100 hot, controlling the anger and told him to come quickly. I had breakfast next to it. I ate paratha and tea. Those who go out in the morning without having breakfast can actually have breakfast at the station. If you ask someone at the bus station where the Bashankhali counter is, they will show you the hotel in front of it. After breakfast it is better to travel 2/3 hours to Kaptai. That great friend of ours came. Kaptai had cars but no passengers. Lichubagan’s car was next to it. Before going to Kaptai, the fare after Lichubagan was 45 rupees. If you want to go to Kaptai, it is better to go in the cars of Lichubagan, the cars are much better than the buses of Kaptai. We got in the car at 9:20 and got our back seat due to good luck. But there was no problem as the road was good. Leaving the car at 9:30, the great late friend took 2 500m coke and took 100 rupees for everyone. We reached Lichubagan station at 11 am to see the green villages on both sides of the road.




I got out of the car and bought 3 chips for 45 rupees. There is a lot of CNG at the Lichubagan junction to go to Kaptai. From Lichubagan to Kaptai the fare is 30 rupees per person for CNG. Those who do kayaking will take CNG for Zoom Restaurant for 100/150 rupees, we fix it with 150 rupees. It takes about 30 minutes to reach. Becomes, the high and low road that crosses the side of the hill in the distance. Kaptai Kayaking Club in front of Zoom Restaurant will tell the CNG driver to drop him off. Pick, selfie with name. We had the good fortune to see Kaptai Lake on one side and the hill on the other side at 2 o’clock. Going down to the kayak club and picking up is not over. There were 2 girls out of 5 of them. Unable to cope with the greed again, he agreed. I took a kayak boat at 3 o’clock. The student said 200. In this case, 250, when you go, you will get a student ID card and you will get a discount of 50 rupees. We took 3 boats with 800, 2 people can sit in one boat. One of us did kayaking before and left with that 1 hour I sat down in two. Everyone has to wear a life jacket and do whatever they tell you to do. You can’t stand a kayak, you can’t get off the boat while kayaking, otherwise you will be fined 1000 rupees. I did kayaking for 1 minute and there is no discount. Everyone is very hungry after kayaking, there are 2 restaurants on both sides of the kayak club. We go to Floating Paradise restaurant on the right side. Rice, pulses are 40 rupees, and local chicken is 130 rupees. Food for 5 people and 1 liter Seven Off 945 Taka Bill Aslo Hotel Uncle is keeping 900 Taka. Kaptai Lake View from the restaurant was very beautiful. After a while I spent some time in the restaurant and saw Katalam Lake. After that I have to go to the jetty. I will walk in front of the zoom restaurant. There is CNG at the jetty for 20/25 rupees.





The more you go to Kaptai, the more you will see the beauty. There are many parks, national parks, walking spots on the side of the road. Those who take the time will visit them. We go to the jetty and fix a boat for 150 rupees per hour. If there are more members, they will take engine driven sampan for 1000 rupees per hour. No, it didn’t. The water of the lake was very clear and green in color. The lake was very good with the boat ride. As much as I enjoyed it, the money seemed much less. Those who want to bathe in the water of the lake can. One of us was bringing extra clothes, the rest did not bring it, so it was not done. This time it is time to return after the boat trip. If you want to sit at the market on Saturday, you can buy something, the price is less. From Jetty Ghat to Lichubagan 175 rupees on CNG. I got down from Lichubagan and entered a shop and had breakfast. Cake, cold 7up 4 people, drink tea 1 person 110 rupees. From Lichubagan to Bahaddarhat bus station 45 rupees fare. I slept in the car when we arrived. He dropped us off in the city at 5:40.





Let’s talk about cost:
* Breakfast 61 + 100 = 181 rupees
* Bahaddarhat to Lichubagan fare 45 * 5 = 225 rupees
* Chips 45 rupees
* Lichubagan to Kayak Club reserve 150 rupees
* Kayaking 3 boats 600 rupees
* Lunch is 900 rupees
* Kayak Club to Jetty Reserve 100 rupees
* Boat trip 150 rupees
* Jetty to Lichubagan reserve 175 rupees
* Afternoon breakfast 110 rupees
* Lichubagan to Chittagong city 45 * 5 = 225 rupees
Total cost for 5 people (161 + 225 + 45 + 150 + 800 + 900 + 100 + 150 + 165 + 110 + 225 = 2641 rupees)
Cost per person will be (2641 /5 = 569) Rs
 We liked it as a 1-day tour for 600 rupees.

N.b= Rupees will be taka.

B: The Kaptai area is very clean and tidy. We all need to keep our country clean. Don’t throw dirt wherever you go. Throw it in the dustbin.


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