Karam Mura Eco Resort, Satkhira

An Escape to Tranquility:

Place: Karam Mura Eco Resort, Satkhira; it is located at the verge of Sundarbans-Satkhira Range. Just opposite of the house you can see the forest and river.

Though it was my research area, but after staying 1.5 months to this awesome place, I absulately fall in love. My soul was filled with the beauty, cordiality of hosts and tranquility of this place!

If you want a quick break from busy city life and a bit adventurous, then it might be a perfect escape for you.

Kalinchi is a small village of Munshigonj union of Satkhira. The last village connecting Sundarbans of Satkhira range to India.

I stayed in the eco resort of Munda tribes. Though they call it resort but it’s basically an amalgamation of regular living areas of Munda’s with some modern facilities. The house is made of bamboo in traditional style with modern toilet/bathroom facilities which is a bit away from living area.

Route to the base:

Three options available:
1. Fly from Dhaka to jessore (25 mins fly time) then you can hire vehicle (any four wheelers) to the base (3.5 hrs app)
Cost- airticket 2700 and upward depending on demand per head.
Car 4000-5000 bdt for four seater

2. Through bus from Dhaka to Shyamnagar. Then hire any tomtom or bike to the base
AC buses available only in night (9 hrs plus travel time)*
Non-AC at day time (9 hrs plus travel time)*
*may be non-AC bus ticket costs 500 and don’t have idea about AC one.
From shyamnagar to Kalinchi 45 mins to 1 hr in bike. (Per hear 200 max)

3. Through bus from Dhaka to Shyamnagar. From Shyamnagar to Vetkhali another Bus.
From Vetkhali to Kalinchi 15 to 20 mins in bike (60 taka per person) or you may travel through boat from Ramjanagar to the base if you can communicate with the resort owner.

Facilities: Room with double and single bed (per night 1000 bdt)
You can cook your own food or if you don’t want hussle then the owners will arrange local coal stove cooked food. Fresh fishes, crab, duck, chicken…these are common items. On top of these you can enjoy different local fresh pithas.
They can arrange boat tour to the Sundarbans (max 2000 bdt for boat trip)
If you wish to see their local culture they will arrange cultural program on their floating extension over the river of Sundarbans. (2000 bdt for cultural program)

I would suggest to go in dry period as muddy and slippery way is not favorable for all, if possible go during the full moon, I bet you will fall in love with this place.

Source:  Toiaba TaherTravelers of Bangladesh (ToB)


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