Karnafuli city in Chittagong (by plane with the most powerful turbine engine in the world).

The city of Karnafuli prefers to tour Chittagong (the world’s most powerful turbine engine plane), but there are very few people who do not have a hobby of flying. Many people think that they do not have the luck to fly because they do not have two wings like a bird. Otherwise, it seems, how much money does it take to fly on the wings of Duralum and composite. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. (This post is not for those who are knowledgeable about this)





I’ve talked to at least a hundred people about planes so far, just to understand their concept – technical, experimental and financial. 90% of the technical and experimental concepts have a lot of misconceptions, and the financial misconceptions are no less. Rickshaw puller Mama also thinks that getting on the plane will cost him at least a month’s full income, which is not true at all.






Well, don’t share your old experience before sharing a plan to board a plane for 419 people for Rs 2,300. I flew in a plane for the first time about 10 years ago. He did not have enough money (Rs. 3,450) to buy a plane ticket. Back then, almost a decade ago, TK 3,450 was no less than a student. Due to this deficit, I changed my old check, date and amount and signed it myself six times and bought a ticket from the airline office. Luckily, the Airbus A310 with a capacity of 220 people was phased out of the aircraft just a few days ago. After running out of some other money for other expenses, I entered the Sylhet airport with the last 15 TK in my pocket and left the Dhaka airport and took the local bus number 3 and returned home that day.






But I still haven’t forgotten the first take-off. It was a very strange feeling of unfamiliarity, where the whole body was moving upwards at a speed of three hundred kilometers horizontal against gravity, the green city with two eyes was rapidly sinking down, the white clouds were bye-bye bye-bye and most importantly, the mind was thinking. , Everything will be fine? Can I stay in the sky? I clearly remember, I had a little smile on my face in this gojamil feeling, but I was also angry, it seemed that it would have been better if I could have taken the strange taste of it earlier.





The funny thing is, if you want, you can have a flight experience in one of the largest commercial aircraft in the world, that is in Bangladesh, and that is in a domestic flight. The aircraft is the aircraft’s Boeing 777-300ER, the turbine engine of the world’s most powerful aircraft engine (GE90). Doesn’t it seem a little too much at Rs 2,300? Normal.






These large aircraft are not usually flown only for domestic flights. These international flights of Biman do not only operate in Dhaka, they leave Dhaka and go to Saudi Arabia, England or other destinations via Chittagong or Sylhet. For convenience, I took X flight from Dhaka to Jeddah with 300 passengers and on the way from Chittagong with 119 more passengers. In that case 119 seats will be vacant while flying from Dhaka which should be filled up in Chittagong. The airlines technically sell those 119 seats to domestic passengers from Dhaka to Chittagong, so that they can earn some extra money as they are always able to fill those seats up. And that’s why we can easily travel on small domestic routes as well as large aircraft if we want.






How do I know that the X flight is a Boeing 777? For this you have to notice the flight number. For example, Biman’s BG 121 flight goes from Dhaka to Muscat via Chittagong, usually, it means it is a big flight. On the same day, Biman’s BG411 flight goes from Dhaka to Chittagong only, which is a small Dash of 80 seats. Again, in the case of Dhaka-Chittagong flights, if you avoid the 400 series flights, you can skip the smaller flights.

And in the case of air travel, I would be happy to answer any of your questions. Happy Flying 🙂

Photo: Sea of ​​Clouds, taken in Malaysian airspace on the way to Bali. Aircraft: Boeing 737, airline: Malindo


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