Kashmir Diary

In the morning we went to Pahelgam taxi stand. There are different types of cars. We bought an Innova and kept it a little less than the government rate.



First I went to Aru Valley, a row of green pine trees surrounded by mountains and a raft of clouds, ah the mind-blowing environment, I went back there, this time I went to Pahelgam Mini Zoo, but I was very disappointed, there are very few animals and birds. You can go rafting on the Khodosrata Lidernadi for 800 TK, we didn’t do it because there was a competition that day, then we went to Betab Valley – a charming environment, but it was so cold and windy that it was hard to breathe, everyone took pictures and left for tea. On the way to Chandan Wari, we reached Aka Baka hilly road and reached Chandan Wari Bazaar. The temperature here was very low and there was strong wind. We also got snow in Chandan Wari. Everyone was busy with photo sessions on the ice. After a while, I started walking towards Pahelgam viewpoint, but it started to rain. It was difficult to get down and it was about 5 o’clock. We went to Pahelgam taxi stand, got down, and ate something light and went to the hotel. , Tip Tip Bristy being, the mother of the showy voice of Uttal Lidernadi I started to enjoy the game of Bangladesh vs Windies,,, how many Bangladeshi cricket fans there are in Kashmir😍 ,, it is not possible to understand without going to Kashmir,, I went for dinner at night and bought some things,,,



At 8 in the morning, we left Pahelgam for Jammu. Sometimes we told the driver and entered Banihal station. This is the best train station I have seen. There are hills all around and train lines in the middle. It was very nice. We left at around 5 in the afternoon. At Jammu station, our train from Jammu to Delhi at 9.45 pm, when the train left, I thought, I don’t know how far we are going from a familiar place. At exactly 10 am, we got off at Delhi station, got down, and left our bags in the locker room. We went shopping, we went to Chadni Chowk to Delhi station at 4 o’clock, our Kolkata bound Rajdhani Express will leave from here, at exactly 4.45 minutes Rajdhani Express left for Kolkata, Rajdhani Express’s AC I could not understand when the night was over in the room and delicious food



After breakfast in the morning, the train reached Howrah station at 10.30 am. Our destination this time is Sealdah station. We reached Sealdah by prepaid taxi. From there we bought a local ticket for Gede for 30 rupees. It took about 30 minutes to complete the customs check at Par. In the evening, I bought a Dhaka-bound bus ticket from Darshana Bazaar and went to eat. After 16 days, after eating at home, I felt like eating nectar. After eating, I got on the bus. After a good night’s sleep, I slept peacefully. Now it’s my turn to return home. I have learned a lot from this 18-day trip, as I have received many kind people, just as much as I have received from Fraud. Per = 25000 Bengali Taka.

Finally, I will say one thing. Get out of the house, see the blessings of Allah, and give thanks to Him.
Wherever you go, don’t ruin the environment, don’t do anything that will bring disgrace to the country.



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