Kashmir is a piece of heaven on earth.

Do not go to Kashmir at this time, brother, the situation is hot! Everyone I asked about the situation in Kashmir now, whether it was possible to travel, all had such comments. People are more attracted to forbidden objects! I started searching the net for the safety of tourists in Kashmir. As far as I understand, Kashmir is safe for travelers, without any untoward incidents. I decided to go to Kashmir. Get up, knife your marriage type decision! Hold the nail on the board, what is there in life!







I packed my boxes and got on the plane. From Dhaka to Kolkata, from Kolkata to Srinagar. Dhaka’s 33 degrees to Srinagar’s 12 degrees! He got down from the plane and shivered coldly. It rained heavily again. Our guide Javid was waiting outside the airport. As soon as I got in the car, I saw the surrounding houses. Built at a certain distance from one house to another. Tiling on the roof of each house. Our first day’s stay was about 30 miles [30 km] from the airport. First day stay in Srinagar by boat in the middle of the famous Dal Lake! The boat is a small ship by name. Fancy wood crafts on the boat. All kinds of modern arrangements for accommodation. Sometimes the boat is swaying in the water. After a little refreshment, I started my journey towards the Mughal Garden. The garden on a high hill. Hiding behind the clouds behind the clouds. A combination of colorful flowers all around. Dal Lake from top to bottom and the surrounding high hills.







The next journey is to the famous Tulip Garden in Kashmir. Spring is there now. Wherever I look, there are only red, yellow, white and many other colored tulips. The tulip garden at the foot of the hill will catch your eye. The Tulip Festival is held in the first week of April in this vast garden.

On the same day, a trip to Shikhara Dal Lake means a life-floating visit to Apurba Dal Lake by boat. The boat is like a canoe. Comfortable sofa to sit on inside. Shopkeepers are sitting in floating markets in the vicinity. Beautiful, just beautiful! Nothing can be explained by writing in a few lines.







Last afternoon, as the sun spreads its pink glow behind the hill, sit on the porch of the boat house and watch the live Dal Lake with a cup of hot coffee, imagine the rest. The first day ended in a dream.

Sonmarg journey on the second day. The weather is appealing! On the way, a river of ice is flowing along the side of the road. High mountains of ice on both sides of the road. Ah! How beautiful! Sometimes I stopped for breakfast. Hotel next to the icy river, seating next to the rocky river. Cool water is flowing through the stone chest. What to eat breakfast, I could not get cool after eating beauty! I went to Sonmarg and saw rain. Javid said, Delhi’s fashion and Kashmir’s weather changes minute by minute! The car does not go much inside Sonmarg so the horse had to be fixed. For the first time in his life, Ilyas Kanchan, the daughter of the Vedas, thought of himself as riding a horse. White snow-capped mountains on both sides of the road and down the hill, it is raining with the river flowing in cool streams. I stopped my horse and walked through the snow for a while. The temperature then -15. Ice cream frozen hands and feet!

On the third day I started my journey towards Pahelgam. I thought that I have seen the beautiful Tato Srinagar and Sonmarge, what else is there to see! Wrong, absolutely wrong. Apple, mustard and walnut orchards all around on the way. Arriving at Pahelgam, the horse had to be fixed. Horseback riding. This time it is not an iceberg, but green and green. Wherever I look, it seems that such a picture was shot in this place. Sometimes the journey breaks in the middle of the hill next to the fountain. Once I sit on the stone of the shower, I feel like I am sitting, what is the need to get up! Overnight stay at a resort next to a hilly lake. I crossed the rocky lake next to it all afternoon, it was evening, I didn’t feel like waking up. The next day I stayed in Pahelgam.

On the fifth day the journey to Gulmarg, the kingdom of ice. White and white. I fixed the sled. As I slid through the ice, I remembered climbing into the shell of my childhood. Our accommodation was in a place where there was only snow and ice when the windows opened.

On the sixth day I went to Srinagar again. Javid took him to the Kashmiri shawl shop. I did some shopping. The next morning I said goodbye to Kashmir.

We have not been able to highlight even a quarter of what we have seen in this article. This beauty is more beautiful than the picture on camera. A few episodes can be written separately with each spot. I could not write anything about Kashmiri food, clothing, customs.

Environmental Awareness: Kashmir is a very secluded place. Polythene is banned there. No packets of chips or cigarettes were seen anywhere on the street. Everywhere it was written that the environment is yours, you will take care of it.



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