Keokradong Travel Expedition.

I haven’t been able to go anywhere for a long time .. I was very anxious for the tour .. I decided to go to Bandarban .. I haven’t seen the mountain for a long time .. but there is no water in the spring in the mountains .. I have to go back in a bad mood. I decided to do a dry trek. The destination is Keokradong.
Although it was raining on the 3rd day of the tour according to the weather forecast .. I left without paying any attention .. I was worried that if it rained too much, Keokradong would not rise.



On Thursday night the 13th we set off for Bandarban. I was already talking to guide Prakash Dar. In the morning get off at Bandarban and from there take the Ruma Bazar bus. Prakash Da from Ruma Bazaar started guiding us. Prakash Da Amaik Manush .. Quickly finished all the formalities … I went from Ruma Bazar to Land Cruiser to Bagalek .. Start walking from there. In winter you can go to Keokradong by car. But in this rainy season, you have to walk.



Light clouds are gathering in the distant mountains … but the sun is still there .. it is understood that it will not rain today. We started walking behind Prakash Dar. As we were moving towards the distant mountains .. Clouds were also moving towards us in the distant mountains. As a result, the beauty of the mountains was changing from time to time. And with the cold wind. Sometimes I don’t have lunch at Irene Didi’s shop in Darjeeling. About evening we reached the summit of Keokradong. Then there is a heavy cloud at the top of Keokradong … with a lot of cold. .. I was getting wet in the clouds when I went out .. I turned off the alarm and fell asleep for a while more.




On the way back, everyone is staring .. Clouds are gathering in the mountains .. All these are going towards Bagalek .. If you don’t reach before the clouds, you will get wet in the middle of the rain .. The road will also become slippery. So I started walking quickly. Even in such a hurry, I spent a lot of time in Irene Didi’s shop .. with khichuri, bamboo chicken, bash corolla, mashed chilies.. I ate it with a burning stomach .. and a lot of sweet jackfruit from the tree next to me.



Finally half an hour before the competition with the clouds .. I reached Bagalek .. Bagalek took a bath. After eating mountain pineapple .. I had to be ready to catch the way back .. Bagalek it started to rain … I don’t think it’s raining so beautifully before I see .. about forty minutes of unearthly rain in Bagalek .. on the way back.
Keokradong may be easier to reach in the dry season, but the mountains have a different beauty this monsoon. If you can cope with the annoyance of a little joke, you can come back to Keokradong now.



How to go:

Bandarban city from anywhere in the country.
Bus stand from Badarban city to Ruma Bazar with 15 TK auto scaffolding. The first bus is at 8 am. Try to catch the first bus.
Ruma Bazaar from the bus stand. Scaffolding 110 TK. It will take 2.5 to 3 hours.




Go down to Ruma Bazaar and finish all the paperwork in the army camp with the guide.
Then you have to go to Bagalek by Land Cruiser jeep/moon car. Land Cruiser has a capacity of 7/8 people. Scaffolding 1600 rupees. Moon car 2000 TK can go like 14/15 people.



📍 Bagale has to start the journey to Keokradong by submitting papers to the army camp. Take saline, dry food, water. About 8/9 km hike, the elevation difference of Keokradong from Bagalek is about 2000 feet. Depending on the capability of the team, it will take around 4 hours to reach Keokradang.
প্রায় It is almost afternoon to reach Darjeeling neighborhood at the foot of Kiokradang where you can have lunch at Irene Didi’s Hotel. You will find great cooking and hospitality. Tell the guide in advance what to eat, the guide will talk to the sister and fix everything.


300 per person for an overnight stay at Kiokradong.


2000 TK for 2 days 2600 TK for 3 days. You will have to bear the cost of food with him.

Our guide was Prakash Da, a very amiable and helpful person. Before leaving, call your guide and talk about the whole plan and cost.


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