Keokradong is located in Ruma upazila of Bandarban district. Its height is about 98 meters or 3235 feet

If you want to go to Keokradong, you have to go to Bandarban first. Ruma can be reached from Bandarban city by moon car (four wheel drive), bus, CNG. It will take about 2 hours to go to Ruma from Bandarban city. According to the rules, if you want to go somewhere in the mountains from Ruma Bazaar, you have to take a guide. You have to go to the army camp with the guide and register your name, address, phone number etc. as per the rules.











The way to Keokradong from Ruma Bazar is Rumabazar> Boga Lake> Keokradong.
From Ruma Bazar you have to take a service car or reserve moon car as far as you can go near Boga Lake or Boga Lake. In winter, the moon car goes to Bagalek, in the rainy season, the last destination of the moon car is to Kamala Bazar. After that you have to walk (trek) to Bagalek. Tourists usually spend the night in Bagale.
If you wake up very early in the morning and leave Bagalek, it will take about three to three hours to reach Keokradong.



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