Khagrachari statement.

I would like to say something about my long stay in Khagrachari. Hopefully everyone will find it useful.

# Sajekah

Sajeke actually has nothing to stay more than 1 day 1 night. You can go to the morning escort on the 1st day and back to the afternoon escort the next day. Atlist will knock 1 month in advance if you want to book in army resorts such as Sajek Resort, Runmoy, Jarbuz etc. Army Rock Canteen is good for food. You have to order in advance. Must get up in the morning. If you missed the morning clouds, you missed the whole tour. I like the old one better than the new helipad. The crowd is much less. Places to visit: Sajek and Kanlak Para. Those who want to bring Bengali banana or papaya from Khagrachhari can target Kanlak Para. Get a lot cheaper. It is better not to buy orange, it tastes weird. And the more you come to Khagrachari from Sajek, the more the price will go up. Chander’s car will be sold. All in all I went to 6000 though, but if you get inside 6000 you can say good deal. Either, you will feed the driver helper with you or if you don’t want to bother, you have to pay 500 rupees for this. Do not take a fully covered jeep. Remember, the real fun of Sajek is coming. On the way to Sajek, there will be a thousand springs. But, now those who will go, it is better not to go there. There is no water.









# Khagrachari:

Will be covered in 1 day. Alutila Cave, next to a Buddhist monastery, the helipad next to the Alutila Army Camp which is known as Tareng. And Risang fountain. If you have an older person or don’t want to bother too much, you can skip rising this season. Don’t have too much fun watching. There is more trouble than Keshtar. In the afternoon you can go to the bridge over the river Chengi next to Khagrachhari tourist motel. It would be nice.







#Mayung_kapal / #hatimura / #stairs_stairs

If you go from Khagrachhari to Panchhari, you have to cross the river at a place near Jamtali by boat. Then the rural road, the paddy field isle, the muddy rhyme of the muddy water and finally the many steps up and down the hill. Mayung Kapal is the farthest mountain you will see after getting off the boat. All in all, 3: 30-48 30 hours non-stop trekking at medium speed. I felt a lot more pain than Keshtar. Even if you stand at Alutila Tareng, you will get the same view as Mayung Kapal with 1/100 percent of his troubles. So, understand and listen to the decision. It took me 1 hour and 30 km of extra road to find that ferry crossing in Jamtali. There is no sign, no one knows except one local. Not far from the other side, there are a couple of shops as the last sign of civilization. Then 3-36 30 hours you will not get anything. Towards the end, the water of the mountain spring is stored in the Gazi tank. That will save lives.








Saint Martin or Hanif is the most preferable AC for coming and going from Dhaka to Khagrachhari. Non AC S Alam, Econo. There are also direct bus services to Mymensingh / Gazipur (Shanti), Rangpur (Shyamoli) and South Bengal (Eagle).

There are several good hotels to stay. Aranya Bilas, Ekochhari Inn, Paryatan Motel, Mamani etc.

Everyone knows about the food hotel system. You can eat bamboo chicken.

Good luck to everyone on a healthy, beautiful and safe journey.


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