Khayachara waterfall.

# Location
Chittagong, Mirsarai

# What to see
There are 9 waterfalls
If you go up step by step, you will see all the waterfalls
The waterfalls are true






# How to go
Get on any train from Dhaka to Chittagong in the morning and get off at Feni
Go straight (by cng) Mahipal will hire 15-20 people per person
From there get on a local bus bound for Chittagong and tell the contractor to go to Khayachara
The rent will be a little cheaper, if it is too much, it will cost 40 rupees (per person)
Go down to Khayachara and from there go to the main point
You have to take cng (1-5) as many people don’t know why they will take 100 rupees
You will be dropped off at Jhiripath
If you want to eat at this hotel, you have to order it first, so you must order food before going to Jhiripath.
And if you don’t take anything with you when you go, the trouble will be more for you






You can safely leave bags and extra items at the hotel where you order salt

To reach the waterfall, you have to walk for 8-10 minutes and then climb one hill after another.
You will see 9 waterfalls step by step
Return from the waterfall to eat their own ordered food
Get ready to return

# How to return
Just the way you went
Come to Feni railway station
Know the time like the convenience of the train
You can find out by searching from the web site







When you go, you must rent an englet. This will give you many benefits. You will get good support on rocky roads.
And I didn’t feel the need to take the stick

Try to wear very light clothing

# Caution
1. Keep your mobile and wallet with you at all times
2. Take 1 liter of water with you when you go
Take light meals (if possible take glucose)
3. If you do not keep the mind, you will not see all the waterfalls. So keep up the good work.
4. If you do not show too much courage, it can be a big danger.
5. Take a one time bandage for a few hours.
6. Everyone will try to stay together
6. Do not leave the dirt in the pocket
Get it out of the way
6. Of course, you can rent an englet and take advantage of it
9. The mind of mountaineering will take humanity
10. Treat the locals well





(This is my first post about a tour
Please forgive me if there is any mistake.
If you want to know more, please let me know in the comments and I will try to answer)


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