Khulna University is one of the aesthetic beauties of Bengal.

Come back to Khulna University, the only student-free small arranged place in Bangladesh at low cost.
Three kilometers west of Khulna metropolis, adjacent to the Khulna-Satkhira highway, next to the Mayur river, in Gallamari, there is a 105.75 acre land, which is the reservoir of unimaginable beauty! Surrounded by a blanket of green grass, the breathtaking view of the various places inside this university will surely fascinate you.
The environment here is so natural that it will surely take away the sight of the beauty thirsty. Here you will find the natural lake which has created an atmosphere similar to the Sundarbans, you will see the ‘indomitable Bengali’ sculpture!





Also in this university’s vast ‘Aniket Prantra’ you will find the weather of the whole village. The university has 4 well-equipped academic buildings, 5 halls, several multi-storied buildings and various facilities including dormitories for the convenience of administrative work. There are also Shaheed Minar, Hadi Chattar, Katka Monument which still exists as various memorials! At this university there is a huge field with a fascinating pond, where you can sit and enjoy the beauty of nature. The cafeteria and Tapan Dar shop located inside the campus is constantly carrying the footprints of the students!
Inside the Khulna University, in the shade of the vast trees, in the streets surrounded by Dhaka and shrubs, you will find another kind of love!






How to get there: There are two ways to go from the capital Dhaka by rail or road!

In case of road, via Sohag / Hanif / Eagle transport, via Faridpur, Jessore route, the fare will be between 530 to 565! It will take about 7-8 hours! The bus will stop at Sonadanga or Royal Error junction from where you can easily reach Khubir Campus by any auto rickshaw! In this case the fare will be 10 rupees (from Sonadanga) or 15 rupees (from Royal’s turn)




There is another route by road which has to become Mawa (ferry / launch crossing)! It takes very little time, only 5 to 6 hours! Tungipara Express, Falguni Paribahan, Sohag etc. buses come and go from Sayedabad bus terminal with passenger service cost within 400-450! These buses will drop you off at Sonadanga terminal. Also, if you tell the contact mama, he will drop you off at Zero Point from where the auto rental of the campus is only 5 rupees!

In the case of railways, there are two trains named Khulna-bound, Sundarbans and Chitra! The two trains leave from Kamalapur Junction between 7-8.30 in the morning and 8-8.30 at night respectively! The decent chairs of the two trains will cost 505 rupees! The train will stop at the power house from where it is very easy to come to the campus by auto, the fare will be around 20 rupees per person.



Eating and staying: There are many small/medium type hotels next to the campus where you can get breakfast, lunch and dinner at very affordable prices, also you can get Khulna’s famous Chuijhal meat at Zero Point! Its price is also quite affordable.
In case of accommodation, you can get off the bus at Royal’s Moor / Sonadanga Terminal and you will find a variety of small / medium hotels and restaurants where you can stay and move around with ease.


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