Kings Little Pathway: The most dangerous walking road in the world.

Adventurous people carry the fear of death on their shoulders and walk on the path to the wonderful world. There is always an intense desire for people to travel to all places where danger or fear of death can come at any moment. Because these trips will bring you a very exciting and thrilling experience. One such place is Kings Little Pathway. One of the favorite places of adventure lovers is the ‘Kings Little Pathway’ which is considered as one of the most dangerous walking roads in the world.



Located in the Spanish province of Malaga, this dangerous road is full of adventures. About 100 meters above the ground, the road is only 1 meter wide and 3 kilometers long. It takes a minimum of five hours to outpost the whole road. If there is a little discrepancy, a fatal accident can happen here. Death can happen at any moment.





Kings Little Pathway: The Most Dangerous Walking Road in the World “
This high and narrow mountain road was built for a hydroelectric plant in a village in southern Spain. This dangerous road is connected to two springs called Khoro and Gaitanejo for the construction of a hydroelectric plant and for the purpose of transporting goods between them. The construction of this road started in 1901 and was completed in 1905. This dangerous road became even more popular when King Alfonso XIII of Spain walked the road in 1921. It was later renamed The King’s Little Pathway.





Chest tremors can be felt somewhere on this rocky and wooden deck. The history of this road which has been broken and damaged in many places has witnessed many deaths. The road was closed for about 11 years between 1999 and 2000, when five explorers were killed. From 2011 to 2014, it was rebuilt and protected at a huge cost. In 2013, 4 people died here. Finally, on March 29, 2015, it was opened for adventure lovers.

At present a group of 50 people can enter here at a time. However, no one under the age of eight is allowed to enter here. If you want to taste the thrill of visiting Spain, don’t miss the Kings Little Pathway.


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