Know the things that you want to go on a Himalayan trip.

Strong or powerful, there are no mountains in the world bigger than the Himalayas. The Himalayas stand on the Tibetan plateau in the plains of the Indian subcontinent in a unique posture with a blanket of snow on their heads and are constantly calling out to the drunken travelers in the frenzy of mountain conquest.

The Himalayas contain nine of the top ten mountains in the world, with the highest peak, Mount Everest. Needless to say, its attraction makes Nepal a paradise for mature mountaineers. However, this does not mean that if you are an apprentice mountaineer, it is impossible for you to conquer the mountain.

You don’t have to be experienced in advance to get a taste of the most desired terrain in the world by visiting the Himalayas. If you are also a brand new beginner, you can visit all the accessible places in Nepal, the popular Langtang National Park and some scenery that you have never seen before in the world.





Great places you can start your Nepali Himalayan trek by exploring:
The first port for those who are the first Himalayan adventurers is Pokhara which is a city with many tourists located in the mainland of Nepal.

Filled with countless hotels, bars, restaurants and trekking shops, this place is always ready to make your first adventure a success. You can stay in this pond for a few days, travel to the mountains but you can’t have a glass of Malay tea and a famous piece of Pokhara apple pie.






Pokhara is the largest entrance to the Annapurna Range which is a very dramatic advance of about 25 km. To the north, where there is a fish tail-shaped scaffolding peak. You can come with a trekking agency on the way out of the city if you want, so you don’t have to worry about carrying equipment, guides, gatekeepers.

And the people you bring with you will make sure they’re from that agency. New trekkers usually prefer an organized tour where all the arrangements will be made very easily. There are many ways to reach Annapurna Trail from Pokhara by taxi or bus.

The experience of seeing the Himalayas can be gained from Pokhara in many ways. If you want, you can hike and take a long trip from here to see the peaceful Buddhist stupa where the white monuments of Buddhism are shining brightly and while standing here you can enjoy the beauty of Fiwa Tal and the mountains. You can capture the extraordinary moment by paragliding from Sharankat View Point.







Trekking in Langtang National Park:
The Langtang region, south of Kathmandu bordering Tibet, was first identified as a national park in the Nepalese Himalayas in 1986. This place is now considered to be the best place for trekking in Nepal as it is a little less crowded than Annapurna and Everest region.

By visiting this place you will find vast green meadows and ancient forests spread over the valley. Nepal is also famous for the variety of flower sheets that are made in this grassland in spring. When autumn comes, they change their color and make Langtang National Park one of the best places in the world.

Among the animals here are Tahar goat, Himalayan black bear and red panda. Emerging cryptozoologists are also here to search for the illusory Yeti, a name that is popular among the Himalayan people, as the locals believe it to be roaming around the mountains.

Wandering the Everest region:
For most travelers visiting Nepal, it is difficult to avoid the summit of Mount Everest. Those who have struggled to reach the highest peak of this mountain at an altitude of 6,748 meters know what a handful of intoxicants!

Everest Base Camp is not a picnic, it takes about two weeks. Annapurna Circuit knows nothing of every step involved in the intensity of the surrounding cold to go from high to high!

Along the road on both sides of the Everest and Annapurna region you will find many lodges known as tea houses, where you can rest or spend the night in a comfortable room. Be able to get acquainted with the locals.

Here are some things to look for when visiting the Himalayas:
If you are a mountaineer for the first time, the first thing you will look for when trekking is to look for high quality luxury equipment but to be honest, there is no point in buying them at such a high price. From Kathmandu to Pokhara you will find many places where you can rent them.

There you will find a pair of sturdy hiking boots, a comfortable backpack and a sleeping bag. You must have sunglasses, sunscreen and lip balm with you at any time of the year. A pair of warm, waterproof gloves is also quite necessary.

Also keep a medical kit for first aid with Diamax, blister ointment, Imodium, antiseptic cream, water purifying tablets and saline. The lion’s share of tourists roam the Himalayas safely.

And if you keep in mind the indomitable desire to conquer Everest, then go around the Annapurna Trail and Pokhara beforehand. The Himalayas will surely promise you the best adventure of your life.


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