Kuakata Beach.

A much more enjoyable tour for less money …
If 2 people go, 3500 TK per person is enough for 3 days and 2 nights. There are 16/17 spots in Kuakata that you can visit and the spots can be toured by bike. I think Lebubon is the most beautiful place in Kuakata. You can have lunch at Lebubon or enjoy any sunset or sunset fry at sunset. Enjoy the sunset much more. It takes 200 TK to rent a bike from Kuakata Beach to Lebubon.





1 bike with driver and 2 others can go. And you can see many big temples like Surya Uday Gamatikheya Ghat, Kawar Char and many other gula spots. Book rent will be 350 TK for 2 people. From Kuakata, one part of the Sundarbans can be seen.
The best bus from Dhaka to Kuakata Sakura transport fare Dhaka to Kuakata 750 Taka


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