Kuakata trip on a winter morning.

Last Wednesday, I went on a day trip from Aslam Sagar Kanya Kuakata and Guthia Mosque in Barisal.

The launch service tie is good for commuting to Kuakata, but since we have time one day, we set off by road.

Hanif Paribahan departed from the technical junction at 9.30 pm for Kuakata. I reached the ferry terminal at 12 o’clock at night.
Seeing the long line of buses, I got off the bus and had a light meal.
It was 2 o’clock at night when the ferry crossed the line.











After crossing the ferry, the bus started moving at its own speed, and we fell asleep. Our bus reached Kuakata at 6:30 in the morning.

I got off the bus and felt good in the winter. After drinking hot tea in the tea shop, I hurried to the beach. At that time, the sun had risen very fast in the eastern sky, the red sun in the sky, and small waves were crashing on the shore, in a different kind of environment.







There are 6/7 horse-like spots in Kuakata. But since we took 1 day to visit Barisal Guthia Mosque, we chose Lebu Char, and the estuary of three rivers.

After breakfast I rented a bike from the beach and went to the mouth of the three rivers. I will remember this 1 hour bike ride for many days. Seeing the sea on one side and the forest on the other, we first went to the mouth of three rivers.

The place is very beautiful, the three rivers meet together, there were not many people, a very secluded environment. But in the afternoon or a lot of people. Red crabs can be seen here, but we haven’t seen them.







After wandering around here for a while, we came to Lebuchar, there was a good view at Lebuchar, there is a forest next to Lebuchar, the forest is good or big, the locals said, we didn’t go inside the forest anymore. I turned around.
There are 3/4 fish shops with lebuchar, I fried a hilsa fish for 350 rupees, the taste is good. Crabs are also available.
After eating fish we moved to Kuakata Main Beach. On the way back, if you want, you can see the dry goods made.

Walking around till 1 o’clock, having lunch at Kuakata Bazar, at 1:30 pm we took a local bus from Kuakata Bazar to Barisal. Local bus will take 4 hours. After 45 minutes from Kuakata, the bus leaves for Barisal.

Arrive Barisal at 5:30 pm and drive to Nathullabad bus stand, from there drive to Baitul Aman Jame Mosque, also known as Guthia Mosque.

In the evening, the real beauty of Guthia Mosque came to light. The whole mosque became more beautiful in golden light. Maghrib prayers are offered there. For some time now, we have been driving to the launch terminal around 6 o’clock.

After dinner at Sundarbans 10, we came back to Dhaka.

Cost (2 persons): –

Dhaka to Kuakata bus ticket = 1200 TK
Breakfast = 150 TK
Bike rent = TK. 300 (Lebuchar and estuary of three rivers)
Fried fish = 350 TK
Lunch = 200 TK
Kuakata to Barisal = 480 TK (local bus)
Nathullabad Bus Stand 2 = 60 Taka (Auto)
Guthia Mosque
Guthia Mosque to Launch Terminal = 60 Taka (Auto)
Dinner = 200 TK
Launch (deck) = 300 TK
Extra cost = 160 TK

Total = TK. 3500 (2 persons)


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