Kushtia’s traditional Mohini Mill.

Mohini Mohan Chakraborty, a renowned Indian yarn trader, built the Mohini Mill in 1908 on a 100 acre land in the Milpara area. Mohini Mill was one of the modern yarn mills in India at that time. At that time Mohini Babu imported a brass handloom machine and about 200 looms made of brass from Britain. The yarn made from this mill could go to Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Pakistan to meet the demand of India. The golden age of Mohini Mill lasted till 1975. Then everything is history. Mohini Babu had to leave the country after falling into the clutches of the state apparatus called Pakistan. Mohini Mill was closed. Now everyone is a witness of tomorrow. This Mohini Mill has been closed for more than 50 years. The place is no less than a haunted house. Ga chham chham has a feeling. And some Bersik foxes have built houses here. Mohini Mill I hope you will not be disappointed. And next to it there is Tagger Lodge. And a short distance away is the tomb of Lalon Saiji. You can go to Lahinipara to see Saiji’s shrine. Here is the residence of Mir Mosharraf Hossain. Gorai Bridge had to leave after seeing Bastuvita. I hope the time will not be bad.




How to get there: It is very easy to get an auto from Kushtia’s Majampur.


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