Kusumba Mosque.

Much of a country’s prosperity depends on the proper preservation of its accurate history and heritage and its presentation to the next generation. If history and tradition can be passed on to one generation in an accurate and interesting way, that generation will pass on to the next generation.





In this way, interest and attraction will be created to know, see and understand the history, heritage and culture of that country from one generation to another. Which will at one time preserve the original history, heritage and culture of that country as well as contribute to the prosperity of that country in many ways.





One of them is to develop the tourism industry of the country by preserving the correct history, heritage and culture and making it interesting. Which our neighboring country India is doing very well. And not only the present generation of their country, but also young people from all over the world are flocking to enjoy their history, heritage and culture every day.





In which our Bangladesh is currently in the second position. All of us who go to see the various historical monuments in India know what a great impact this has on the country’s overall economy, prosperity, as well as the preservation of their history, heritage and culture.

Today we have such a tradition and I will tell the story of a potential of our tourism around that tradition. I believe that it can play a great role in the tourism industry as well as in preserving our history and heritage, even if it is not too much or too little. But let me tell you the story …

I was going back to my favorite Rajshahi University. After meeting Rabi between 9 am and 1 pm, he had a light lunch and took a bus to Naogaon. After getting on the bus, I thought, if you have a lot of time on your hands, if it is possible and not too far away, can you visit Kusumba Mosque, a historical site in Naogaon?

Kusumba village is very close to the road to ask the bus helper! Just five minutes walk from the bus to get to Kusumba Mosque! Then there is no more talk. I told him to let Kusumba down. He landed at Kusumba, 52 km from Rajshahi, just an hour later. Just to ask one person, he showed me the road on the left and said a little in front. After walking for two minutes, I saw a very old dome in the distance with a gap in the tree. All that remains to be understood is that this is the dome of the historic Kusumba Mosque. The picture of which is a national currency of our country, five taka note.

I reached the mosque in exactly five minutes. What a magnificent stone carving from 96 AH or 1556 AD, standing in glory, passing on its heritage, bearing witness to the history of the reign of the Afghan ruler Ghiyasuddin Bahadur Shah. This mosque of that time still stands in its own glory. The whole mosque is built on black stone in various designs. The curved roof of which is built in the shape of a slum house in Bengal. There are three entrances in front and a path on the south side which is now closed with stone arches. The roof of the mosque has six round domes. It is said that there is a place of prayer for women in a designated place of the mosque.

All in all, it has been standing in great aesthetics since 1556 AD! It is as if your mind will be filled with peace. You will be touched by a great satisfaction. Next to it is a huge tamarind tree that has been providing shade to the worshipers for all time, it is understood that there was a garden around, where the renovation work is going on now. There is a huge stone courtyard in front of the mosque, for the worshipers to sit and enjoy the soft air of the huge tank in front.

There are also various renovations going on. There are footpaths around. However, if you can offer prayers once you have become pure from a nearby lake or faucet, then perhaps the peace of mind will be much greater.

However, next to the mosque, there is another wonderful attraction! That is a huge lake built on top of about 8 bighas! It has multiple sharp ghats, crystal clear water, greenery all around, a variety of fish and a great luxury to spend time sitting on the shores of the lake.

There is so much, there is no preservation of this great tradition, no attempt to make it attractive to the new generation, there is no proper management! But one of the local tourist attractions can be built around such a huge lake!

Small cottages can be built around the lake, where people from far and wide can come and stay for a day or two. With which it is such an aesthetic historical installation of the 17th century. Even the round-trip communication system is good enough. Absolutely hassle free.

But that’s just because no one would want to rush to see the Kusumba Mosque for lack of publicity. However, on the same day, you can enjoy another look at Rajshahi University as well as see the historic Kusumba Mosque and the aesthetics of the huge lake of 6 bighas.

Kusumba can be reached from Dhaka via Rajshahi or Naogaon. The distance from Naogaon is 33 km and from Rajshahi it is 52 km. You can either return to Dhaka from Naogaon via Kusumba after visiting Rajshahi University, or you can return to Dhaka or any other district after visiting Paharpur or Kusumba from Naogaon. The cost of accommodation will not be less than in any other district town.

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