Kutubdia Island

What You will see..?


First, you will have a long sea-beach like Cox’s Bazar where you don’t have to worry. The evening sun will fill your mind. Now you will see thousands of guest birds on the beach in winter. Then you will see thousands of red crabs. In a word, you will enjoy the beach time. Then you will see wind power, the afternoon here will be wonderful for you. Besides, you will see the salt field i.e. how salt is cultivated and the life journey of salt farmers. You can enjoy the sea-beach with the sea, wind power, dry goods production, and new farming, guest birds Anagona, beach football games, etc. on Kutubdia Island. Finally, on the day of hope, visit the shrine of Malek Shah (R) at Kutubdia You can Visit.




How to go+_”


Dhaka to Chittagong.
There are two ways to go from Chittagong …..
The boat left from Chittagong Firinga Bazar at 7 am, rent 100 Tk per person, it will take you to Baraghop Bazaar of Kutubdia to see the vast sea without any hassle, from there to Baraghop Bazaar for 30 tk by rickshaw. But you have to get on the boat before 6.30 am for a comfortable sit.


Second, before S. Alam used to go, now they don’t go. Now what you do? you will cross Chittagong New Bridge and go to Moizartek, from there you can go straight to Magnama Ghat by CNG, the fare is 160 tk per person. Kutubdia after crossing the sea with 20 tk (per person).





Where will you stay … ??
The only hotel like Kutubdia is “Hotel Samudra Bilas”. As far as I know, one room rent is 1000 tk per night.





What ou will Eat ….. !!!!
You can Visit Kutubdia without worrying about food. You can eat at several good hotels including “New Madina” and “Cafe Alam” without any hassle.


Conclusion =

First of all, it is better not to reserve a car to go from one place to another. Because the places are not far away. For example, if you go to the wind power from Badghop Bazaar, the fare will be 10 tk per person at local tempo and if you reserve, you will ask 200-300 tk. You can walk through, it will take a maximum of 30 minutes. And yes you can spend time in the moonlight on the beach at night. The place is completely safe.


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