Lama of the kingdom of heaven.

This is the kingdom of heaven for all Lamas.
Anyone who wants to can visit this paradise for two days.




1. Quantum Children’s Paradise (located far away from Lama. You have to take a car. From here you can see the sunset which is more beautiful than the sunset in Cox’s Bazar.)

2. Mirinja Tourist Complex (6 km before reaching Lama. There are some small huts on the hill. There is also a Titanic-like roof. It is called Titanic).

3. Lama Bazaar (Very famous Lama Bazaar. It is believed that going to Marma Para on Saturday will be a lot of experience. Because on that day you will see many things that you have never seen.)






4. Lama’s baby baby’s sweet (this sweet named)

5. Matamuhuri Bridge (If you stay from afternoon to evening you will see the horizon line)

8. Nadir Ghat (The place is dear to many people from their home. Everyone calls the place Bengal. From here you can see many boats. There is also the beauty of the mountains of happiness and sorrow.)

6. Former Bilchhari Buddhist Temple (This is a very famous Buddhist temple)









6. Mirinja Para. (Aha, it’s like a little paradise. In the morning you will see from this neighborhood you are on many hills that are below you. Besides, you will also see small houses full of fog. This place can be called Sajek.) That means you can get a feel for Sajek from here)

9. Lama to Manikpur Boat Tour (From Lama to Manikpur can be reached by boat. On the way you will see a big Matamuhuri river in the middle of many big hills on both sides ..

10. The biggest thing is the road from Chakaria to Lama. As soon as you enter the street of Lama, you will get an impression like entering heaven.

From Dhaka or Chittagong by bus to Chakaria, then from Chakaria by bus to Swargarajya Lama ….

Chakaria from Dhaka = 650 TK
Lama from Chakaria = 40 TK (by bus)




1200/1000 from Lama to Manikpur

Quantum 1300/1500 lunar vehicles.

10 in the morning bus from Lama to Mirinja Para ….

There are also good quality hotels to stay in. There are also good quality restaurants for food.


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