Learn about the different aspects of the Sikim tour.

I liked the CKIM tour very much. It is not possible to express the feeling of touching the ice near a particular car. A friend of mine and I came to Shiliguri from Kolkata via Benapole Border.

* The distance from Phulbari / Banglabandha port to Siliguri junction is 12 km and the distance from Chandrabandha / Burimari to Siliguri junction is 63 km. So it will be better for those who have Phulbari border on their visa.






‌ * Permission Discussion
The Sikkim Nationalized Transport (SNT) office in Shihliguri has been granted inner line permission. The office opens at ten o’clock in the morning. After completing the specified form including passport, photocopy of visa and photo, I applied for seven days and got easy permission for eleven days without any money. SNT hired 150 rupees for the bus ticket and left for Gangtok.

* Some things about Rangpo check post and seal
————————————————– —————-
Whatever the bus / jeep, the driver should be told to stop at the check post as soon as possible. Otherwise the possibility of not stopping the car will go away. To be on the second floor of the registration office of Rangpo Foreigner, you have to take the seal on the Inner Line Permission Paper and Passport.

‌ * On the day of return, they will keep the original copy of the Inner Line Permission with only the date stamped in the passport. This means that the passport will have only one round seal but the date will be two.

* Those who are not allowed to be Indian Embassy / SNT, they can easily get permission from Rangpo. The office is open from 8 am to 8 pm.







* Where: stay: stay‌
There are several hotels in Vallo Main on MG Marg in Gangtok. You have to bargain after seeing some of the hotels. Hotel Gulo on MG Marg is very expensive.

* Ideas for making tour plans:
After checking in at the hotel and talking to MG Marg or any other agency in its vicinity, you will have to take a travel package for the next day. If you submit your passport, visa copy, copy of Inner Lie Permission and photo to the agency for the permission of North Sikkim i.e. Lachung, Yamthang Valley, they will issue the permit by 8:00 am the next day. A similar process for Sangu Lake.
If you want to get permission, it is almost impossible. All permitted spots will have guides included in the package.







* Ideas about the agency
It’s a fact of choice for Gangtok Agency. For this reason, it would be better to talk to a few agencies directly without falling into the clutches of any broker and take the package after checking and selecting. In Shiliguri you will find many agencies and brokers who will show you various temptations. Please do not fall into their clutches.

* It is better to stay away from the magic man that we have been hearing about Sonam Naeem before. Because I have found enough discrepancies in his words. No one in the group was satisfied with his service. Moreover, he has no office. If you want, you can talk to him and get ideas.

* Where to go around:
_ 1 day tour for Sangu Lake.
_ Lachung, Yamthang Valley, Rijiro Point, Katao 2 day tour.
_ Gangtok local 1 day tour.

Normally in 4 days a very important place will be seen.
If you want to go to Lachen, it will take more than 1 day, ২ Paying will take 2 days, Namchi will take 1 day. Moreover, due to the weather conditions, not all the spots are given permission every day, in which case the time has to be extended or they have to come back.

* Where to find ice cream
In the off-season, you can see enough snow in Lachung. At this point, it is almost impossible to reach Yamthang Valley and Zero Point. In that case, as an alternative, you can cut back. An impossibly beautiful place where you can roam freely in the snow. It is also a matter of great fortune to see Sangu Lake in the off-season. Because of the excess snow accumulation on the road and the temperature (-) °, the tourists are forced to come back in a sad mood as they do not get permission day after day.

* What you can see as a bonus
————————————————– —–
1: Your eyes will be glued to the view of the blue water flowing along the side of the road from Shiliguri to Gangtok.
2: You will see many monkeys on the side of the road.
3: Gangtok can be reached by walking for 5 minutes on a ropeway for only 118 rupees.
4: When you come to Lachung, you will see Kanchan Jangkha.
5: You can see the source of the river Teesta.






‌ * When to travel
March, April, May, September, October, November peak season.

* How many times will you travel?
Bengalis have to travel separately. Group shares with any Indians are not acceptable. Therefore, if there is a group of 6 people, it is easy to sit in the car. And the cost will be less. And even if the group is small, the rent of the whole car has to be multiplied. If you are lucky enough to go to Okha, you can become a Bangladeshi with Karo.

* Ideas about cost
During the tour, the number of tour mates, the cost will vary depending on the season. Because hotel rent in peak season, ga

The rent is very high.
_ The cost of 1 day tour for Sangu Lake will be 3K-5.5K
Packages for Lachung, Yamthang Valley will be read 12K-20K
_ Zero point, extra 3K is required for the cut.
_ The cost of Gangtok local tour is spot based.
4K car rental for 10 points 2K
‌ * Hotel Rent: We were at MG MARG. The hotel was very beautiful. One room can accommodate 3 people. The rent was 1.2K

* Matters related to dress:
– Winter jackets, hats, gloves, woolen pamozas.
– Adequate amount of medicine for cold, cough, headache, vomiting.
-Power bank, charger, camera.

* Issues related to SIM card:
-It is better to buy Indian SIM card with power from the border. The people of Gangtok don’t know how to give power. Buying a SIM is also a tough thing.

**  any information is omitted to shorten the text, it will be added.
The comment box was given some necessary picks.

Gangtok is a very clean city. If there is no dirt on the road, throw it in the specified place. Polythene, water bottles are banned in Lachung. Cigarettes are prohibited in public.


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