Lebubon beach with red crabs.

On the first day, I could not go to the lemon forest area to eat crabs. So I went out in the morning, had breakfast at the hotel and left the beach by the embankment. I realized that it doesn’t take long for things to happen.





While on the beach, the front wheel of the bike got stuck under the soft sand and Pyal Bhai’s bike fell off. The incident took place when he saw the beach moving hard through the soft sand. Nothing happened to the two sitting on the bike. I saw them laughing again and eating in the sand. I stood behind them and pulled them out of the mud and sand all over their bodies.







The merriment of the seashore. Photo: Atiqur Rahman Shuvo

Then again we got up from the beach and started walking over the side barrier. It didn’t take long. Fifteen minutes later, as we entered the lemon forest beach, another accident happened. A nail got stuck in the back of Abir’s motorbike and the wheel of the bike leaked. And we had trouble getting a bike to go back.

So they sat on the beach for a while and then went to Kuakata to repair their bikes. We sat down to order crabs. In just 20 minutes, the fresh crabs came to us like fried and curry. Although not very good looking, it looked quite delicious to eat. Speaking of fresh crabs of the sea.

Crab fry eating is going on.

After eating the crabs, we waited for their motorcycles to recover. After about forty minutes, they recovered from the motorcycle and reached the lemon forest. Then we ordered crabs for them as well as we ordered for ourselves again. It tasted good to eat and the price was quite low. Only 60 rupees per plate. Everyone ate crab fried almost half of their stomachs.







After eating the crabs, we visited the sea tide and went to Sunset Point in the afternoon to watch the sunset. When I had it in my hand all day, I was wandering here and there like everyone else. In these parts, some beautiful trees of the Sundarbans as well as several mangrove wetlands can be seen. We were walking through them.

We are chatting while sitting on the high roots of the tree.

According to several stories, the region was once home to the Royal Bengal Tiger in the Sundarbans. The tigers used to cross the canal and swim in this forest. So for some time this area had become naturally terrifying among some local people. We didn’t pay too much attention to these stories though. I wandered through the bushes through the forest for a while and climbed up through the trees and started chatting. It looked good, it was very sunny outside on the beach.

From the heat of the sun and the heat of the sand, it was nice to go into the forest and sit on the trees. It was almost noon when I was talking. Meanwhile, everyone’s appetite is quite good, but if we want to eat, we have to go to the city of Kuakata. So without delay I went out again with the bike for the purpose of Kuakata.







Some private time with the sea. Photo: Atiqur Rahman Shuvo

We finished our meal at the hotel we went to the day before with some marine fish. I saw that the price of food in Kuakata was much lower than in Cox’s Bazar. In particular, the price of marine fish is much lower than Cox’s Bazar or St. Martin’s. So I came here to eat as much as I could. After dinner we went back to the hotel to rest for a while.

Some of them fell asleep while resting at the hotel. But in the afternoon we were supposed to go to Sunset Point. From there you will see the red sunset. I and Shubh left the hotel and went for a short walk along the beach in front. It is the responsibility to understand when the time passes while walking along the shoreline and talking.

Some marine crabs of huge size, look like chicken fry again.

When the afternoon came down we went back to the hotel again. I called the rest of the group and left for the lemon forest. I parked my motorcycle there and wanted to eat crabs again. Ahamri is not exactly like that to eat. But I know why I wanted to eat again and again. So again we all sat down and ordered crabs. After dinner we went to Sunset Point.

In the afternoon, the tide has receded. By the time I got back in the afternoon, the sea water was almost reaching the crab shops. Now it has come down again. On the other hand, as we move towards Sunset Point, the huge Sundarbans is visible in front. And a red glow is spreading from the sun. Shortly after reaching Sunset Point, I noticed that the sun was slowly entering the ocean floor.







Lebubon beach in the crimson glow of twilight.

There was nothing more to do after dark. We turned on the lights of our phones and walked along the beach to come back to the lemon grove. Some locals say visitors are not allowed to stay overnight. The area wasn’t good, so we had no choice but to go back. When I returned to Kuakata and parked my motorbike at the hotel, I was walking towards the sea through the light darkness as if one of the heavenly serenity was filling my mind.


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