Let’s go to Kalagul tea garden.

It is spring. Sweet weather. The time is very conducive to travel. Many of those who are thinking of going out at this time to get rid of the monotony of civic busyness, like Sylhet, a wonderful green land of nature.

The spring breeze is very enjoyable as you walk through the narrow streets of the suburban tea gardens with your heart open. In this case, the traveling luxury can take advantage of the opportunity to hunt two birds with one stone in the Kalagul tea garden of Sadar upazila. Apart from the garden, Kalagul is also a place of pilgrimage for the followers of traditional religions. Here is the neckline of Mahadev Shiva’s Shivani Sati. And so the traveling luxuries can easily spend a day in the beautiful environment of Kalagul.

What you will see:
Kalagul is one of the ancient tea gardens of Sylhet. As soon as you enter the garden, you can hear chirping as you walk along the sweet path, as if various species of wild birds have come to welcome you. You will be fascinated by the green of tea and shade trees, as well as the life of the backward tea community can be seen with your own eyes. That’s why you can enter someone’s house with permission. By talking, you will know how oppressed and oppressed they are even in this time of advancement of science and technology.

After finishing the work, I was fascinated to see the tea-girls moving forward with the baskets hanging on their backs in a row, as well as inspiring me to think anew about life. Sometimes the lives of these people, who run fast with the burden of bamboo on their heads, fight for life, and the frustration of not being able to get it can vanish in an instant. There are also various varieties of bamboo and cane in Kalagule. There are a few bald hills.

Kalibari Temple:
The Kalagul tea garden is not only a garden but also a place of pilgrimage. According to the beliefs of the traditional religion, the neck of Mahadev Shiva’s wife Ma Kali or Sati fell here. It is preserved in the form of stones in the Kalibari temple. People of different religions flock to the temple every day to see it. Apart from that, there is a widespread rumor that many of the sick followers of traditional religions benefit by drinking the water stored in the tank inside the temple. Every year 9 Falgun annual puja festival is organized here. At that time, the amazement of this festival spread all over the Sylhet region.

How to get there:
You can enter Sylhet metropolis by bus, train or plane from the capital. A long distance bus from Saidabad-Fakirapul to Kadamtali in South Surmastha of Sylhet will cost you 500 to 600 TK. From there it will cost 30 to 50 TK by rickshaw and 80 to 100 TK by CNG autorickshaw to go to Bandarbazar. It will cost Tk 10 per person to go to Amberkhana by CNG autorickshaw from Bandarbazar. And from Amberkhana to Sahebbazar in the suburbs it will cost 30 TK per person. If you take a CNG-powered autorickshaw reserve, the cost will be 150 to 200 TK. Reserve autorickshaw fare from Sahebbazar to Kalagul Bagan is 100 TK.

Where to stay:
There are many residential hotels in Bandarbazar, Zindabazar, Dargah Gate area of ​​Sylhet city. The cost of staying in these hotels will be 250 to 500 TK. There are also a few elite hotels.


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